5 tips for healthier festive drinking

Remedy Kombucha cans in Raspberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime and Mint flavours

5 tips for healthier festive drinking

Christmas and the festive party season  is a minefield if you're trying to stay healthy.

First, there's the food: the chocolate gifts; the fried party food; the moreish nibbles; the all-you-can-eat buffet style meals. Urgh, so good. Yet, so bad.

Then there's the DRINKS. Every occasion seems to come with a reason to say cheers. But if you don't drink, trying to avoid alcohol or just need a night off, the non-boozy options are usually sugar bombs, tasteless or downright boring (another sparkling water, anyone?).

Thankfully, you've now got another option: Remedy to the rescue. Our kombucha is packed with goodness (live cultures and organic acids!), naturally contains no sugar and is tasty to boot!  But if that's not enough, here are five more reasons to skip the booze and choose booch this festive and party season:

1. Improve your gut health

If there’s one thing that makes healthy living harder than booze during the silly season, it’s food. Kombucha aids digestion and improves gut health by balancing out bad bacteria with lots of all-natural good stuff, thanks to live cultures and organic acids and digestive enzymes.

2. Stock up on your antioxidants

While it will never fully cure a hangover, if you do slip up and are a feeling a little under the weather, Remedy is a good choice for the next day's recovery. One of the causes of hangover symptoms is the release of free radicals in your liver. Our kombucha is teeming with naturally occurring polyphenols – nutrients which are rich in antioxidants that scavenge for free radicals in the body and prevent them from causing cell damage.

3. Achieve a natural energy boost

If you do party a little too hard and need a boost the next day, reach of a Remedy rather than a coffee or softie. Kombucha provides a natural energy boost without crash and burn of caffeine or sugar.

4. Regulate your appetite and kick-start your metabolism

The natural organic acids in Remedy are proven to help regulate your appetite.  There is also growing body of evidence that naturally occurring live cultures, good bacteria and other microbes in the body can boost your metabolism and influence weight.

5. Feel and look good - inside and out

The term "beauty starts from within" is probably more true than you realise. It's been proven that the health of your gut can have an impact on so many other parts of your body, including your skin and your mental health.  So whether you're wanting to look good for that NYE party or feel good