At Home With The Remedy Founders

At home with Remedy founders

At Home With The Remedy Founders


Just when we thought our sourdough days were done and we could rejoice in showing off your fancy new skills to a table of five… here we are again in Melbourne LD2.0.

But we mustn't grumble. The days all rolling into one isn't a forever thing, and we know deep down-under Aus has got enough GUTS to see the other side of this big 'C'. Heck, its why we all call this b-e-a-u-t-i-ful place home after all.

Until that fizzy day arrives, we'll keep brewing you the good stuff and delivering it straight to your door when you need it most. And if like many, you're feeling all the feels in 2020, we thought we'd share a few simple things for you to try that have brought us an abundance of joy in this weird time and some always. 

Cook. Bake. Ferment. Remedy all began with some ol' school beginners' FUN on the kitchen bench. Ferment up a storm. Step outside of the everyday. Brew some booch, make your first sauerkraut or kimchi, and definitely cook-up our ultimate Condon comfort meal – miso chicken. It's finger lickin’ good. And of course, with any culinary bravado, get the nagging kid's, bestie on zoom or even that unshowered housemate involved. Somehow everything always tastes better when shared. 

Read like never before. Switch on with a good book. Michael Pollen's In Defence of Food left us big-eyed and challenging the food norms over 15 years ago. The quote, 'eat food, not too much. mostly plants' is something that has stuck with us always and even led us ever-so-quickly onto our next book from Sandor Katz 'The art of fermentation'. One booch brew later and the Remedy you've come to know and love was born. A good book really can change the world, remarkably your own. If you're more of a chill-out book kinda human, Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld is a solid 4/5 fiction read Sarah's just polished off from her WellRead subscription (a subscription service that handpicks literary titles for you)… ahhh huh genius. 

Rise before the sun. Sounds crazzzzzy but there's something spesh about getting up early and revelling in the stillness of the day. For all those parents' home-schooling, we're right there with ya. Make the morning yours and enjoy the silence – yes, it exists. At the v least, it makes those 9am maths curveballs a bit easier when your second AM coffee has well and truly sunk. 

Keep active. As a fam, our morning walks each day and bike rides at the weekend are keeping us friendly. Emmet's even got back into that thing called running again. (turns out he's actually pretty good at it!). If it's raining and pouring, we're allllll about table tennis at home, LOTS of it. We've even set it up for one, so our kids can burn off some of that playtime energy solo. Thank us later for that tip-bit later. 

Be kind. Two words we all need to keep close in these strange times. Especially to ourselves. Meditate, dance, sing, laugh, create, sloth. Whatever it is that fills up your booch bottle, just freaking do it.  

We hope v soon we'll be saying CHEEEEERS out of our unmasked mouths louder than ever to one another. But until then, keep enjoying the small stuff.


Sarah and Emmet Condon