The liquid sugar epidemic (and how to avoid it)

The liquid sugar epidemic (and how to avoid it)

We recently read a stat that blew our kombucha-loving minds.

It wasn’t so much that Australians are consuming too much sugar. We knew that. In fact, it’s part of why we are so damn proud to offer an alternative that’s not only tasty and naturally free from sugar, but also genuinely good for you.

The mind-blowing part, as revealed in this piece by Conal Hanna and Esther Han, was which products are mostly to blame for the excess sugar consumption.

Spoiler alert: it ain’t apples. It’s not even Tim Tams. It’s drinks.

Yep, Australians consume more free sugars (aka not the natural ones found in fruit, vegetables and milk) from beverages than all other sugary foods combined,  as the first graph below from The Age illustrates.

The comparison of sugary beverages to sugary foods doesn’t just compare consumption of the “obvious” food culprits, either. In addition to cheeky biccies, choccies, cakes, ice creams, pastries, lollies, the sugary foods category also includes those other sneaky sugar-bandits like many yoghurts and cereals. Add it all together and Aussies still get more sugar from drinks. Crazy, huh!?

Number teaspoons sugar by product

Number of teaspoons of sugar a year consumed by Australians by type of product. Source: Fairfax Media

Number teaspoons by type of product

Number of teaspoons of sugar a year consumed by Australians, by beverage type. Source: Fairfax Media

Thankfully, we reckon change is on the horizon. Not only are more people switching on to the dangers of too much sugar, they’re also actively embracing alternatives like our very own Remedy Kombucha, full of gut-loving goodness and naturally free from sugar.

It's worth noting here though that not all kombuchas are created equal when it comes to sugar.  While sugar is a key initial ingredient in kombucha, Remedy is delicately brewed for 30 days, following a  long-aged brewing process that converts all of the sugar into healthy organic acids which are super good for you (find out why here). So, not only does Remedy taste great and not contain sugar, but what was once sugar is now something that is actually doing you good. Win/ win!

To learn more, check out the full article with interactive graphics from Fairfax here.