What's the deal with sugar in kombucha?

Sugar and kombucha can be a tricky subject. While it's become well known for being a low sugar drink, this isn't always the case. So is your fave kombucha actually a sugar bomb? The Sporteluxe team decided to give you all a hand and do the research for you. 

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Bec Judd's gut health routine

It's no secret that Rebecca Judd is busy. The TV host, brand ambassador and mum of four (including twins!) is the very model of a modern day savvy boss lady.

We know we're not the only ones who see everything she is up to and ask, how does she do it all?

Well, last weekend she let us all in one of her secrets: taking gut health seriously. Bec posted a pic on her Insta-story to show just how serious she is, showing off all of her fave products for good gut health, including - yep, you guessed it - Remedy Kombucha!

Such is the interest in how Bec manages to do it all and look after her health and wellbeing, the Daily Mail even picked up the post and shared it with their huge international audience!

Thanks for the shout out Bec, we love ya guts!

Lisa Wilkinson is OBSESSED

We knew Lisa Wilkinson was a fan of our kombucha! But it wasn't until yesterday morning when the Today Show host declared her love for Remedy Kombucha on national breakfast television that we knew just how much of a super fan she really was. During a nutritionist segment on gut health, Lisa whipped out a bottle of Remedy and said:

"I'm obsessed with this stuff. This Remedy Kombucha I drink of a bottle of this a day."

"It's a cultured live drink and it's delicious."

Couldn't have put it better ourselves! Ever the cynic, her co-host Karl questioned whether it was really just a fad, but Lisa set him straight, telling him how looking after her gut health has changed her life for the better.

"I find that since I’ve been concentrating on my gut health, I’ve been healthier, I’ve felt much better for it. Particularly this stuff (Remedy Kombucha); I just love it."

It's not the first time Lisa has shared the Remedy love though. In a recent cover story for YOURS magazine, she talked about how Remedy Kombucha is a part of her daily beauty routine.

Thanks Lisa. We love ya guts! xo