Meet Your New Summer Flings

Remedy Kombucha Pink Grapefruit 750ml bottle and Remedy Kombucha Pavlova 750ml bottle on red background

Meet Your New Summer Flings


Guess what we've just dropped right in time for the silly season. Not one, but TWO new Limited Batch flaves exclusive to Woolies for you to sip and enjoy this summer.

In the greatest comeback since Kath & Kim announced their return to the screen, Remedy Kombucha Pavlova is BACK! Yup, after the success of this limited batch flave last year, we're bringing back our version of the quintessential Aussie summer dessert! Because what's summer without a good classic pav?!

Next up, we have a NEW brand spanker that could just be our best summer refresher yet - Remedy Kombucha Pink Grapefruit. Not only is this flave perfect for drinking by the pool, it also pairs perfectly with gin. Not that we've tested it.

You're going to want to be quick as these Limited Batch flaves are dropping into your local Woolies fridges this week and are only around for four weeks or until sold out.