REAL DEAL COLA, exclusive to Woolies!

Bottle of Remedy kombucha cola 750ml

REAL DEAL COLA, exclusive to Woolies!

We've gone and done it again. We've dropped a NEW exclusive flave into Woolies, but you'll need to get in quick as it's only in town for a couple of weeks.

This right here is cola, but not as you know it! Deliciously different, Remedy Kombucha Cola is the real deal. Combining kola nut, vanilla and cinnamon, to create a smooth drink reminiscent of the old-school cola you grew up with. Packed with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants, our new cola is a guilt-free treat you can slip into the trolley any day of the week (no need to beg mum!).

Pick up a bottle of our Remedy Kombucha Cola 750ml from your local Woolies fridge, right next to the juices!

P.S. If cola ain't your thang, we've also gone and released another run of our very *limited* Remedy Switchel Pineapple. Run, don't walk as this one is going to sell out quick!