BOOM! Remedy Good Energy Superfruits is in the ROOM!

Remedy Good Energy Superfruits against blue blackground

BOOM! Remedy Good Energy Superfruits is in the ROOM!

Remedy Good Energy proved such a hit we decided we better add a new flavour into the mix – get ready to rumble with Remedy Good Energy Superfruits launching into Woolworths this week.

What’s it taste like?

With all-natural pomegranate, blueberry, riberry, raspberry, apple and lemon, Remedy Good Energy Superfruits will give you the super fruity super boost you need to go about your day AND SLAY!

There’s a mouth party going on right here with this berry delicious fizzy packing a punch with polyphenols, green coffee bean and ginseng for the win. Expect juicy, jammy, red fruit flavours with subtle notes of cinnamon and clove care of Aussie superfruit riberry . With no sugar, naturally, this one’s guaranteed to blow your mind…..every time.

WTH's a riberry?

Riberries are indigenous to Australia and known for their immune boosting properties - they're positively loaded with vitamins and chock full of antioxidants. Riberries have a refreshing, spicy flavour, with a hint of clove and cinnamon. We source our riberry extract from The Australian Super Foods Co and think its softly spicy notes work wonderfully well with the other fab fruits in Remedy Good Energy Superfruits including pomegranate, blueberry, riberry, raspberry, apple and lemon.

I missed the memo on Remedy Good Energy. What is it?

Remedy Good Energy is an energy drink that’s all good. All rrrriiiiiight! This brand new, live cultured fizzy from Remedy is the world’s first kombucha-based energy drink with raw green coffee bean, green tea and ginseng for the win.

Why's Remedy Good Energy so rad?

Made with Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Good Energy is packed with polyphenols, live cultures and organic acids.

For a natural energy kick we’ve added a few extra goodies including:

• Green coffee bean to deliver a clean caffeine boost. Boo ya!
• Ginseng:  For the win! Ginseng is known for its naturally energising properties.

Double down on that!

Naturally, Remedy Good Energy  doesn’t contain any sugar, crazy unsafe levels of caffeine, guarana, or anything artificial. We’re making it right with a drink that delivers a sustained natural energy boost without the crash, jitters or guilt that can come from more traditional energy drinks loaded with sugar and chemicals. 

Where does the energy come from?

It’s all around you. Nah. JK. Good Energy Superfruits contains around 80mg of caffeine per 330ml bottle, the same as Remedy Good Energy Blackberry and Remedy Good Energy Kakadu Plum. A cup of instant coffee sits at around 80mg of caffeine. Other energy drinks contain around 80mg per 250ml can. Ours has about the same, but without the insane sugar load or any artificial nasties. We know what we’d rather drink!

How on earth do we make this goodness?

Remedy Good Energy comes from the same kitchen counter that brought you Remedy Kombucha and is made using a base of the same live kombucha culture from the original homemade brew that our founders Sarah and Emmet nurtured back in the day.

Brewed the old school way, all the sugar is brewed out, leaving a live cultured drink with no sugar, naturally! We then add green coffee bean, ginseng and all-natural flavours to dial it up to a whole new level for an all-natural energy drink.

When can I drink it?

  • In the AM: Remedy Good Energy is the perfect fizzy to put a pep in your step first thing. Chock full of live cultures and polyphenols, try Superfruits for a fruity start to your day.
  • The 3pm slump: It’s a thing. Instead of reaching for a cheeky chocolate or soft drink, why not try a Remedy Good Energy and do the right thing by your mind, body and gut! Healthy = tasty with Remedy. No guilt goodness for your gut right here!
  • You’re busting a gut at work or play: You’re out and about trying to get ‘it’ done or pulling a late one because you’ve got an exam or work presentation. Reach for the Remedy Good Energy we say!
  • Sub out a traditional energy drink: Got the jitters from one too many? We get it, we’re no saints either but try a Remedy Good Energy instead and see how you go…guaranteed you’ll be feelin’ good vibes only.

Where can I buy it?

Remedy Good Energy Superfruits is available at Woolworths and online at