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Guess Who's Back? Pink Grapefruit's Back!

Have you heard of our ol’ mate Daniel? For the unacquainted, Daniel is one of our biggest Rem Fans. He’s found himself in a back-and-forth with our eComm gal Lucy, trying to track down Remedy Kombucha at his local shops. 

But Daniel isn’t a die-hard for just any ol’ booch, no sir-ee.

Daniel is a stan for one of Limited Batch summer flings, Pink Grapefruit.

Between tracking down Woolies delivery trucks for the next shipment of this fruity flave and sliding into Lucy’s DMs to bring this booch back to shelves, Daniel is a true believer in the refreshing power of Pink Grapefruit.

So, when we decided to bring it back for a second go, we knew we had to let Daniel in on the secret first.

Now it’s your turn. Finally, we can shout from the rooftops that Pink Grapefruit is back (back again).

*cue the music*

In case you missed the first run of Pink Grapefruit, this bangin’ booch is like a fruity disco in your mouth with a juicy, tangy citrus flavour. Whether you want a little tasty treat to pair with your dinner or are gearing up for a night on the town (just add gin…), this fruity fave is the perfect addition to just about anything you get up to on the daily.

Now, channel your inner Daniel and track down the next shipment of Remedy Kombucha Pink Grapefruit in-store (or just, y’know, shop online). Like all our limited batch flavours, this one is here for a good time, not a long time!


Swap It Don't Stop It

We all know what a simple swap is. If you’re anything like the Remedy team, you’ll have the Swap It Don’t Stop It ads cemented in your brain for the rest of eternity.

The idea behind OUR simple swaps is to show you how freakin’ easy it is to make better-for-you choices without sacrificing on taste or you know, general life satisfaction. We’re not about the Gwyneth-Paltrow-bone-broth-for-lunch type fads here *eye roll*, we instead like to make little changes that can lead to a big impact overall. 

Intrigued? Check out our favourite little swaps below: 

We’re very pro-fizz at Remedy, so we would never, and we mean never, tell you to give up fizzy drinks (although we are very proud of Rohit Roy for his efforts). Our fave and most simple swap is, of course, swapping out those sugar-laden soft drinks rhyming with granola, Atlanta and polo (get it?) for a Remedy Sodaly. Remedy Sodaly is all natural,  full of flavour, and, best yet, contains no sugar, for reals. Bingo! If you’re a soft drink fan, why not switch it up for a Remedy Sodaly? We promise you won’t regret it. 

Does growing wings feel a little unnatural? There’s a Remedy for that. Remedy KICK is our new, all natural energy drink with NO sugar for real. Boasting a whopping’ 80mg of caffeine per serve, these little cans pack a punch thanks to the goodness of green coffee beans and ginseng. No sugar crash. No jitters. No guilt. 

Have you tried Funday Sweets? They’re so good. Like, freakishly good. Many in the Remedy team (no names mentioned, marketing) are pretty obsessed. With prebiotic fibre-packed versions of all your faves (think peach hearts, snakes, red frogs and gummy bears), Funday Sweets are a godsend for any lollie fiend. They’re 100% natural, with no added sugar (we’re talking less than 5g of sugar for a whole bag), they’re gluten-free and contain no sugar alcohols. Best yet? One bag = one serve, so you can eat the whole bag to yourself. Soz kids. 

Thinking of cutting back or ditching the booze? Remedy Kombucha and Remedy Switchel ACV make for a great replacement. There’s a reason we put our bevvies in a brown bottle – you can sip on them at BBQs, picnics and parties, and nobody will be none-the-wiser. Want to make it even more inconspicuous? Pop your bevvie in a stubbie holder. Foolproof. 

Hey now, before you come at us with pitchforks, we’re not saying ditch your morning latte. We, too, enjoy the ritual of a milky coff in the morning. However, having another coffee in the afternoon isn’t always the best choice. If you’re still looking for an energy hit without needing another cup of milk, why not try a Remedy Energy Shot? 60MG of all natural caffeine in a convenient mini-but-mighty shot of goodness. 

We’re joking. Don’t be crazy. Chocolate is one thing that can’t be messed with. We’re big fans of Tony’s Chocolonely and may or may not consume a block a day between the office crew. OK, maybe two, but who's counting?  

There you have it, some of the tastiest and easiest better-for-you swaps.  Got more for us? Let us know over on our Instagram or TikTok.

The best hot cross bun loaf. Ever.

We can’t get enough of this vegan, gluten free, and not to mention to-die-for hot cross bun loaf by George Eats. Guaranteed to knock the socks off your nan and prove, once and for all, that you are the best chef in the fam.

 Gluten free & vegan hot cross bun loaf

Gluten free, vegan, nut free option


For the binder:
·       2 cups (500ml) hot plant based milk of choice (choose nut free for a nut free option)

·       75g vegan butter, melted

·       20g psyllium husk powder

For the loaf: 
·       1 1/2 cups (240g) fine white rice flour

·       1 cup (120g) glutinous rice flour (also called sweet rice flour)

·       125g light brown sugar or panela sugar 

·       1 tbsp ground cinnamon

·       1 tsp ground nutmeg (use less if you are grating it fresh)

·       1 sachet (7.5g) instant yeast

·       1 tsp (4g) gluten free baking powder

·       1/8 tsp baking soda (for browning)

·       75g raisins 75g dark chocolate chips 

·       Extra plant based milk or vegan butter to brush the buns


Grease a 22cm X 12cm steel loaf tin and set aside. 

Combine the hot milk and melted butter in a bowl. Add the psyllium husk and whisk vigorously until there are no lumps remaining. Set aside for 10-15 minutes to form a gel. Check on it halfway through – the husk might have formed a layer on the top – whisk it through again if it has.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the remaining ingredients.

Once the gel is ready, pour it into the dry ingredient bowl. Use a spoon to combine most of the way, then get your hands in and squelch the dough through until all the flour has been picked off up the bottom of the bowl. The dough might look like a scone dough but feel moist to the touch, or it might look and feel moist. It should never feel dry – add a little extra milk if it does.

Add the mix ins, if you are using them. Use your hands to distribute them through the dough.

Grease a large rectangular sheet of baking paper with some neutral oil, then place your dough on top. Gently roll the dough out into a rectangle that is roughly the size of the baking paper or around 40cm long and 30cm wide. 

Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar evenly over the rectangle of dough. You can brush the dough beforehand with a really scant amount of plant based milk to ensure the cinnamon sugar stays put, if you like. 

Starting at the short side of the rectangle, roll the dough over itself and press down to secure. You want to begin with a tight spiral. Continue rolling until you have rolled the dough into a log. The dough should finish with the seam on the bottom. 

Place one hand on each end of the loaf and press inwards to make the log short enough to fit into your baking tin. 

Gently scoop the dough up and place into the tin, then cover (without touching) with a plastic bag. Allow to proof for 1-2 hours or until the loaf is puffy. You might hear the sound of tiny little air bubbles popping. 

About 20 minutes before the loaf is fully proofed, preheat the oven to 200C/400F. 10 minutes prior to baking, place an oven proof pan at the base of the oven and fill it with boiling water. The steam will create a light and fluffy loaf.

Brush the loaf with plant based milk or butter and press the raisins down firmly to secure (they puff as they bake). Bake the loaf for 20 minutes, then turn the oven down to 180C/356F, very loosely tent with foil (I place a sheet of foil on an oven rack above the loaf) and bake for 40 minutes. The loaf should be golden brown and firm to the touch.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes before carefully removing from the pan. 

Allow to cool before slicing and serving. Leftovers keep well in an airtight container for a number of days but are also great frozen and defrosted. 

Gluten Free Carrot Cake Muffins In Time For Easter

This year has flown by faster than the F1s at Aus GP last weekend. Easter is just days away and before we know it, Santa Claus will come knock knock knocking.

Where does the time go? We dunno, but we do know that the best way to pass the time this Easter is with these hopping delicious, gluten free carrot cake muffins by the oh so talented George Eats.

Thanks for the recipe, Georgia!

Gluten free easter carrot cake muffins

Makes 9-12 muffins

Gluten free, nut free, dairy free option, vegan option


For the muffins:
·       1 cup (160g) fine white rice flour

·       1/2 cup (60g) buckwheat flour

·       1/2 tsp (4.5g) baking soda

·       1 tsp ground cinnamon

·       1/4 tsp ground nutmeg (to taste if grating fresh)

·       1/2 tsp (1g) psyllium husk (optional, see notes)

·       250g carrot, skin on

·       200g thick plain yoghurt (lactose free Greek yoghurt and coconut yoghurt work a treat)

·       125g light brown sugar or rapadura sugar

·       1/3 cup (80ml) neutral flavoured oil (vegetable oil is my go-to)

·       1/2 cup (125ml) milk of choice

·       Pinch of fine salt

For the icing:
·       250g lactose free cream cheese, room temperature

·       25g butter, room temperature

·       25-50g sifted pure icing sugar or 20-40ml maple syrup, to taste

·       Pinch of fine salt


For the muffins:

Preheat the oven to 180C/356F. 

Line 9 holes of a muffin tin with muffin liners or grease them well.

Whisk to combine the flours, baking soda, spices, optional psyllium husk and salt in a medium mixing bowl. Set aside.

Grate the carrots on the large side of your grater. Transfer the grated carrot to a food processor and process to chop into fine pieces. This ensures the batter cooks evenly and you don’t end up with stringy bits of carrot in your muffins.

Add the carrots and remaining ingredients to the bowl and whisk until a batter forms.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared muffin liners, right to the top. Once you’ve used all the batter, bake the muffins for 20-25 minutes or until domed and lightly golden. 

If you're making the cream cheese icing, allow them to cool completely before you ice them.

For the icing:

Use hand beaters to combine the butter and cream cheese. 

Add the sugar and beat until a smooth, pipeable consistency is formed. Taste and adjust for sweetness. A little lemon juice or zest or some vanilla extract is always a welcome addition.

When the muffins have cooled, pipe or spread the icing onto the muffins. Keep leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge. 


Use plant based milk and a thick vegan yoghurt to make these muffins vegan. Top with a vegan icing of choice or use plant based cream cheese

The psyllium husk is optional, but helps hold things together in the absence of eggs or gluten. It is particularly helpful when you make the muffins vegan, as vegan yoghurt tends to be thinner.

To keep these muffins low FODMAP, use lactose free yoghurt, milk and cream cheese.