Remedy’s Ripper Summer Gift Guide

Group of Remedy Drinks with Christmas decorations

Remedy’s Ripper Summer Gift Guide

The Christmas is creepin' up fast, and if you're one of those people who notoriously leaves gift buying to the last minute, dont fret. We got you covered with our ultimate Remedy gift guide. Whatever the occasion, whoever it's for, we've got the perfect gift ready to roll. 

This year we’re normalising buying presents for ourselves, and we’re taking the guilt out of energy drinks (double whammy!). How do they relate? Well, we’ve made Remedy K!CK, an all natural energy drink packed full of caffeine- designed to leave out the crashes and jitters, so you’re on your game when those 16 relatives flock in for the hols. We can’t think of a better expression of self-love than to give yourself a much-needed boost for the long Turkey stuffing tutorials (and the NYE hangover) with a couple of cases of Remedy K!CK. 

Get bae into the Christmas spirit with a gift that will spice up their life- Remedy Ginger Lemon Kombucha (obviously). It’s fiery, tangy and oh-so-delicious. Fresh ginger adds warmth, while real lemon adds a citrus spark – this drink just feels like Christmas. They’ll be sippin’ on this classic (with a twist), wondering how they bagged such a good one. 

So you’re in that weird in-between stage with a new friend where you’re not quite ready to hike Machu Picchu together, but you have committed to a regular Real Housewives viewing party?  We feel you. For the newcomer, surprise and delight with our Remedy Blood Orange Switchel ACV. This underdog of the Remedy fam is an excellent drop for a newbie dipping their toes into the world of fermented drinks (and their friendship with you).

If It's the eighth year in a row you’ve found yourself casually perusing the hardware store website, slowly and carefully hovering your mouse over the ‘add to cart’, maybe it’s time to shake things up. We love getting on the tools, but c’mon, surely dad has enough Ryobi and Karcher in the garage by now. Do you know what we reckon we would froth? Remedy Sodaly. Our brand new all natural soft drink with no sugar! With a flavour profile that’ll take him back to his glory days of sippin’ on a cheeky lemon squash at the local watering hole. Don’t be surprised if the empties go straight to the pool room.

Mums do a freakin’ lot (even when you don’t ask- hello undies stocking). So, this Chrissy, take a load off her plate and fill up ‘er cup (over and over again) with a delish Remedy subscription. It’s quite literally the gift that keeps on giving and one that’ll have you reclaiming your former angel-child glory. So, grab mum a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly Remedy delivery and really show how superior a child you are to your siblings.

Ah, the one that puts up with your kid every day. A toughie, but we’ve got the fix. Quickly avert your eyes from the Facebook ads assuring you they want nothing more than a mug of 4B’s faces or some funky stationery. They don’t. What they do want is some fruity, smashable summer bevvies they can enjoy with their mates by the pool as they gear up for another year with smelly children. Help make this a reality and really show up all the other snooty parents with a Remedy Sodaly Mixed Case. You’ll get those brownie points for years to come.

What do you get the person that already has it all? A boatload of Remedy SHOTS, of course. Give your boss the gift of smugness – and trust us, they’ll be the smuggest of them all when they’re knocking back a digestion shot before tucking in at the work Christmas party and are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with an immunity shot in hand the next day.  Trust us on this, they’re the only shots you can give to your boss that won't raise HR’s eyebrows. 

Forget the fruit cake (because, let’s be honest, nobody likes it anyway) and bring the fruitiest gift of them all, a Remedy Kombucha mixed case. Rest assured that, unlike the ‘rigged’ Christmas crackers and breakfast champagnes, this addition won’t end in tears. Our kombucha is vegan, gluten-free and contains no sugar, so you'll be prepared with artillery when aunty says “she’s trying to be good”. 

Your bestie gives you ENERGY, so why not give ‘em some back? Remedy K!CK is the wiser energiser for your BFF. If you’re thinking, “my bestie is already crazy enough”, then rest assured K!CK won’t be driving them up the walls but instead give them an enduring energy hit to smash their goals. So, sit back, relax and watch your BFF rock around the Christmas tree with their newfound energy.