There's no such thing as bad energy... or is there?

Adulting is a tough gig. It’s probably why we all get hooked on bitter bean juice when we hit our uni days just to feel something.

That something is energy, obvi.

Uni, work, kiddos, general life stuff. There’s a heckin’ lot to balance without a full 8hrs of sleep or (because who’s actually getting a full 8hrs every night?) a caffeinated pep in ya step.

But is there such a thing as bad energy?

Is there a bad way to keep calm and caffeinate on?

Is there a bad way to get through this rigmarole we call adulthood?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes. And here’s why.

All caffeinated bevvies have to get their caffeine from somewhere, and we all shop around for what works best for our bevs.

But what works best for our bevs doesn’t always work best for our bods.

The big dawgs in energy tend to opt for caffeine sources like guarana and taurine. Think heart palpitations, chemically induced mortal panic attacks and the crash of all crashes a couple of hours later when the caffeine (and bucket loads of sugar it’s paired up with) starts to wear off.

We dunno what you’re into, but we dig our energy boost without the shakes or jitters.

That’s why the caffeinated bevvies in our drink lineup get that good energy straight from raw, unroasted green coffee beans. This fuels a more enduring hit that helps you keep on keeping on without feeling dragged under by the impending 3 PM hitting of the wall.

An energy hit without the guilty bit is our jam. Fuel up for good with Remedy KICK or Remedy Energy Shot

5 Ways to catch more zzz’s, for real.

Written by Remedy nutritionist, Jacqueline Alwill @brownpapernutrition  

Whether you’re saying “just one more episode” to The Last of Us when you’ve just-one-more-d three times already, or your little one has gotten out of bed to ask for a glass of water, or a cuddle, or yet another bedtime story, it’s pretty safe to say none of us are getting enough sleep.

Sleep isn’t that important… right? 


Remedy Nutritionist and our all-time fave smarty pants Jacqueline Alwill might just beg to differ. That’s why she’s sharing her top five ways to catch more zzz’s, for real (because apparently, sleep is what makes the world go ‘round).

Over to you, Jacq!

1. Eat dinner earlier. Aim to eat dinner about 2+ hours before bed to allow adequate time for digestion. There’s always a protein, carbs and healthy fats included in my dinners, which need plenty of time to settle before hitting the hay.

2. Roll out and stretch. I used to proper despise rolling, but I dedicated last year to falling in love with it and now me and my muscles look forward to the roll out and release each day. I do it whilst chatting to the family or watching TV.

3. Switch off. Close down work and emails and dive into a book or atm I’m a bit obsessed with Yellowstone, so I watch a little of that some nights and… 

4. Have a cup of herbal tea. We’ve been growing a lemon verbena plant which is delicious to steep but also has some anti-anxiolytic properties, so a nice one for the nervous system.

5. Sleep shots. About 30 minutes prior to bed I love grabbing my Remedy Sleep Shot, which contains functional ingredients such as chamomile, passionflower, valerian root and l-theanine to ease stress, promote relaxation and move into a restful sleep. It’s a natural and delicious addition to my evening routine. And then it’s full switch off bedtime!!!!

You can find Remedy Sleep Shots online, or at your local independent grocer or petrol station.

Did somebody say SHOTS!?

Did somebody say SHOTS!?

We’re not talking about the kind that have you licking salt off the back of your hand in a nightclub full of bad 2000s mixes, but rather our mini but mighty shots of goodness that'll have you ready to seize the freakin’ day and surrender to the snooze.

Welcome to the world of Remedy Shots – and meet your new secret weapons to start and end the day right, Remedy Sleep and Remedy Energy. These mini but mighty shots are chock-full of all natural ingredients that are working for you as you go about your day or hit the hay (aka the cheapest assistant you’ll ever find).

But we know you want to see some credentials, so let’s get down to business.


This high performer has what it takes to propel you to the next level at work, in your social life or even just getting the kids ready for school. With a little help from green coffee bean extract, this little worker will deliver a clean caffeine boost and rivals the cup of joe with 60mg of caffeine packed inside! And we must not forget that it also contains ginseng, a root used in traditional Chinese medicine, which is known for its naturally energising properties. Quite the resume, right?!


This shot is a little more down to earth with its blend of chamomile and passionflower tea. A chiller that’ll promote and prioritise your relaxation and a reliable aid for when it’s time to get in those much-needed Zzz’s.  Sleep is a team player that leans on amino acid, L-theanine and Valerian root, which can help ease anxiety, stress and can improve sleep. Rest assured, knowing this shot has your back when those niggly 3am thoughts try to roll on in.  

Now that you’ve got the low down on how to get the most out of your new hires, it’s important you support them to do their best work – by enhancing your morning and night-time routines.

Here’s a list of our fave healthy habits to start incorporating (with the extra boost from our shots, of course).


  • Try to keep off your phone for at least 30 minutes after rising and aim to get some sunlight before starting your day – TikTok isn’t going anywhere!  
  • Make your bed (it’ll make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something first thing)
  • Do one thing to make yourself feel good. This could be exercising, reading or even making a bougie breakfast.
  • Get a healthy dose of caffeine from our Remedy Energy shot, or if you prefer a coffee first thing, chuck one in your bag for when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day.


  • Reduce your screen time before bed- instead, pick up a book or listen to a meditation and give your eyes a break from that blue light!
  • Light a candle, scent your room with some linen spray or light incense to relax yourself before bed.
  • Take your Remedy Sleep shot right before doing your nightly hygiene and skin care routine- you might even want to pamper yourself with a face mask, so you’re feeling extra zen when you’re ready to jump into bed.

We’ve made our Remedy Energy and Remedy Sleep with speciality ingredients to help you to get the most out of your busy life, but remember, fam. They are designed to be a supplement to help you to keep up your existing healthy habits! Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and the wellness artillery to help you smash your day (and night!), you’ll be ready for anything.


I Trialled Remedy Shots For A Week

Words by Brodie Lancaster


When a few colourful boxes from Remedy arrived at my doorstep, I hoped the lingering, haze of feeling cloudy, unfocussed and generally un-chill in my body, gut and brain might dissolve away with some special attention from the Shots.

Monday, 7:30am
A fun piece of trivia is that you actually become a new person on Monday mornings. It's science!

After taking a very slow, plodding walk around the park near my house, I came home and made a smoothie. And the very act of making and drinking a smoothie for breakfast – of choosing this as the start to my day – turned me into an inspirational person. I tumble in the frozen fruit and add some oats, spinach almond milk and a Remedy Immune+ Shot, which adds a really lively zinginess (and vitamin boost). 

Tuesday, 2:30pm
My next attempt to Become a Better Version of Myself comes after lunch, the prime time for feeling really keen to scroll through TikTok endlessly when I'm meant to be working when I feel suddenly tempted to have a nap and do anything except look at my computer. I grab a Remedy Energy Shot, which has been chilling in the fridge for a few hours. The berry flavour is so invigorating and the jolt I get within a few minutes really makes sense when I read the label and notice it's made with 60mg of caffeine (the same as a cup of coffee). These mini-but-might shots are going to come in handy.

Wednesday, 4pm
This is one of those days when there is no time to do anything. I was trying to finish some deadlines on the side while working my day job, which meant my meals amounted to anything that could be inhaled while my hands were still on my keyboard. I had to race to the cinema to meet a friend, but luckily I had the foresight to throw two Remedy Energy Shots in my bag on the way out the door. I had the first during the opening sequence of the movie, and the second one later as I followed through on a plan to meet another friend at a gig. One fewer shot and I absolutely would've made a French exit and snuck home in a cab.

Thursday, 7am
Four days in, and my new liquid rotation has really settled into a bit of a routine. A massive water bottle is never far from my grasp, but now it’s joined by the familiar clink of a Remedy Shot bottle. I start the day with a Remedy Digestion Shot – before I’ve even had coffee! This version of me would be unrecognizable to myself a week ago (who is she?!). After doing a quick Pilates YouTube workout on my lunch break, I back it up with a Remedy Energy Shot. Its juicy berry flavour has started to feel like a real treat.

Friday, 9am
Last night I had "a quick cocktail after work" with friends, which turned into a bottle (or two) and I woke up late and feeling gnarly.

This feels like the right time to tuck into a Remedy Digestion Shot. I've been thinking of trying to copy the hot girls on TikTok and do a shot of apple cider vinegar in the mornings, but there's a mental barrier holding me back. I use vinegar for cleaning and pickling and salad dressing. Is it really something I want to neck back, voluntarily? Turns out, that if it's blended with real ginger and zingy lemon and packaged in a cute bottle, the answer is yes. It feels a little spicy going down, which tells me it must be doing something.

Saturday, 6am
I wake up at 6am to head to a garage sale where I have a stall. It's going to be a long day, but I'm primed for it because this is my first three-shot day. I start with the trusty Remedy Digestion Shot as I throw back a little McMuffin and coffee breakfast (it's all about balance, right?). Later, after a rush of sales, I have a moment to catch my breath and take the chance to have a Remedy Immune+ Shot. This shot has quickly become my favourite of the three. I'm mostly unfamiliar with all the ingredients, which tells me they're exceptionally good for me. I have a little break for lunch then start feeling the familiar creep of brain fog setting in, I finish the trio with a Remedy Energy Shot to help me power through the rest of the day.

Sunday, 2pm
Everyone seems to be in the midst of – or slowly recovering from – a cold at the moment. While prepping my lunch for the week (another desperate attempt to be 'That Girl' – aspirational, organised, tidy, not sick in bed), I alternate between multivitamins and immunity boosters, all washed down with the zippy Remedy Immune+ Shot. If I can make it through the tail-end of winter without being knocked down with the flu, I’ll have that little baby to thank!