Remedy Ginger Lemon kombucha can

Remedy is in the air!

Get set to jet set, friends. Coz we are hitting the skies with Virgin Australia! YUP. You can now get a fix of tasty gut-loving I Quit Sugar approved Remedy goodness on any Virgin Australia domestic or short haul international flight.  For reals. Book your flight, buckle up and fold down that tray table. Our Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon cans are loaded up in the drinks trolley, ready to roll down the aisle and into your hands.

With no sugar, naturally, and packed with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants, it’s the perfectly healthy way to kick start a flight and kick back.  Knock one back on its own, pair it with a yummy item from Virgin Australia’s amazing new menu OR grab one as a tasty mixer for a little in-flight cocktail (you deserve it). It's the perfect bevvie for frequent flyers wanting to stay healthy and hydrated in the air. You will arrive in better shape than when the plane took off!


Best pack another green bag for your trip to the shops. We’ve launched 4-packs of our tasty, live-cultured Remedy Kombucha 250ml cans in supermarkets and grocers around Australia.

Our Remedy-lovers asked (and commented, and DM'd, and emailed, and called, and insta-storied...) and we listened! We get it. Sometimes too much Remedy is never enough.

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Line up of all Remedy Kombucha flavours in 330ml bottles

Remedy lands in Auckland

Have you heard? Remedy Kombucha has landed in New Zealand! For reals.

We are so stoked to give some of our Kiwi mates the chance to enjoy our live cultured I Quit Sugar-approved booch. So much so that we had a lil kombucha-cocktails party with local NZ health and wellness guru, Julia Matthews from Julia & Libby as our co-host.

“We want as many people as possible to have the choice to enjoy a real, healthy drink alternative to sugar-filled soft drinks and juices, without compromising on taste or process,” says Emmet.

“We hear from people every day who tell us how much better they feel after converting to kombucha. Once people get a taste for it, they are usually hooked,” he says.

Remedy Kombucha is made the old-school way, in small batches using a long-aged brewing process, using only whole, organic ingredients.

We have perfected their recipe to ensure it naturally contains no sugar, which is why we are the only kombucha to be given an official tick of recommendation from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar Recommends program.

Emmet says the trend towards consumers demanding healthier food and drink options is strong in New Zealand.

“People are increasingly aware of the dangers of too much sugar in our diets and looking for options that are not naturally low or free from sugar, but also natural and organic and still tasty,” he says.

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Remedy Launch in Auckland