Switchel ACV

The Truth Behind Remedy Switchel ACV

We have a fizzing delicious range of Remedy bevvies these days, but one of our all time faves is Remedy Switchel ACV. Back in ye ol’ days, farmers threw back an ice cold glass of switchel to quench their thirst and rehydrate before getting back out into the field.

While most of the Remedy team aren’t hardcore (or even softcore) farmers, we found Remedy Switchel ACV to be the perfect way to rehydrate after going hard after a footy game, yoga sesh or even a big night out!

But what makes this classic bevvie oh so good? Let’s break down the ingredients behind Remedy Switchel ACV.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is an ingredient close to our hearts, jam-packed full of goodness found in a few of our signature Remedy bevvies. On its own, a shot of ACV is akin to a shot of tequila when you’re hungover -  it’s an assault to your tastebuds and makes you question your life choices.

But when paired with our other delish ingredients, you won’t even notice it’s acidic, vinegary taste and you can reap all the health benefits:

  •  Just like booch has SCOBY, raw, organic, and unpasteurised ACV has this thing called the mother. Rich in natural proteins, healthy bacteria and acetic acid, the mother can be great for your gut! #ThanksMum
  • ACV is damn good at regulating the amount of acid in your tum. Too much acid can = bloating, discomfort, and nausea. Regulating your acid can = no bloating, discomfort, or nausea. 
  • Blood sugar spikes can be caused by high-carb meals and can lead to all sorts of funky (and not in a good way) symptoms. ACV can be great for stabilising your blood sugar, which is why we love throwing back a Remedy Switchel ACV before a carby meal.


Who doesn’t love a daily dose of ginger? Okay, we know ginger can be a bit overpowering to some, but it can be oh-so good for your overall health. Wanna know how?

  • Ginger is known to be rooted (get it?) in immunity goodness. Not only does it support digestion and reduce inflammation, it is also believed to help protect against chronic disease and boost recovery from more widespread illnesses like common colds and flu.
  • Gingerol, a natural component of ginger root, is known to benefit gastrointestinal motility. No idea what that is? Put simply, it can speed up the process of food leaving the stomach, so food doesn’t linger as long in the gut.
  • Ginger can reduce inflammation in the body, but the how of it all gets a bit technical. It has a lot to do with chemical substances and salicylates, so maybe just trust us on this one!

Lemon juice

Who knew your Sunday morning lemon and sugar pancakes would be good for you? Well, the lemon juice part of that equation certainly can be, because lemon juice is known to be:

  • Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C, which can be excel-lem(on)-t (too far?) for battling infections, healing wounds and supporting your overall immunity.
  • See a theme here? All of these key ingredients to Remedy Switchel ACV can be great for your digestion, with the soluble fibre in lemons called pectin thought to promote the production of digestive enzymes in the liver. Without being too TMI, this is thought to help your bowels they way they’re meant to.
  • Good for your pancakes! It had to be said…

ACV + ginger + lemon juice = the dream team for a better for you bevvie. It’s time to give your overall health and wellbeing a boost with a Remedy Switchel ACV. Go on, we know you want to.

Three new Remedy Switchel ACV varieties available at Woolies!

While you've been out enjoying your newfound freedoms (Wahoo!), we've been brewing up a storm at our Remedy Fermentary to bring you THREE delicious Remedy Switchel ACV flaves. You will find our classic Remedy Switchel ACV Blood Orange, our NEW limited batch Remedy Switchel ACV Lemon & Lime and a return of the fan-favourite limited batch Remedy Switchel ACV Pineapple in the fridge NOW at your local Woolies.

Containing organic apple cider vinegar, real organic ginger juice and no sugar, naturally, Remedy Switchel ACV is one heck of a fizzy and a tasty way to get your daily dose of ACV!

But like all good things in life, our limited batch Switchel ACVs are here for a good time, not a long time. Available exclusively at Woolworths for four weeks only or until sold out. Don't make us say we told you so (AKA get movin')!


There is simply nothing better than enjoying some fresh pineapple on a hot summer's day – except for, you guessed it, crackin' open a BIG ol' glass bottle of LIMITED BATCH Remedy Switchel ACV Pineapple by the pool. Ah, yes. Welcome to paradise. Unlike a juicy debate about pineapple on pizza, Remedy's pineapple is anything but complicated – it's 100% a sure thing for tastiness. Apple cider vinegar tastiness you can actually enjoy on the daily, thanks to its natural pineapple deliciousness and cool elements unique to Remedy's **top-secret** Switchel ACV brew. You'll go troppo for this drop.

Blood Orange:

Remember that orange fizzy you used to drink as a kid? Delicious, super juicy, tangy, and smashable, right? Well, that drink has taken a good hard look at itself, gone on a self-improvement course and come up trumps: it's healthier, tastier, and even better(er) for you. No really. It IS new, and it IS improved. With a bold burst of blood orange in every mouthful, smash this thirst-quenching citrus bomb and take a trip down memory lane minus the sugar shakes.

Lemon & Lime:

The power couple of the beverage world. This fresh, tangy lemon and lime duo is the zest you never knew you needed in your life. It's crisp, vibrant and lusciously light because we make it right. With a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples, the taste of this bevvie is tart with some astringency and bitterness. It will make you question everything. Suddenly, you're passing up your nan's homemade lemonade in favour of this subtly sweet and deliciously sour concoction (see ya' sugar!). It's the spring fling that will have you coming back for more. The Switchel ACV that will have you hook, limed and sinker.   

What's so good about Remedy Switchel ACV?

Remedy Switchel ACV is a refreshing reboot on an old school, live cultured drink that is raw, unpasteurised and contains no sugar, naturally. Back in the day, farmers believed it was the perfect thirst quencher to hydrate and keep them going. It turns out they weren't wrong! Remedy Switchel ACV is a mighty fine way to rehydrate after going hard, whether that's after a gym, spin or yoga sesh or even a big night out!

The goodness of Remedy Switchel ACV comes down to three factors: raw organic apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV), real organic ginger juice and no sugar, naturally. Let's break down the benefits!

Why's Apple Cider Vinegar so great?

Glad you asked! Here's a quick hit list of all the benefits! Apple Cider Vinegar (also known as ACV) can:

  • Help regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Aid digestion and improve gut health
  • Help to regulate appetite
  • Promote good heart health and help keep cholesterol levels low
  • Help restore balance in the body after heavy physical exertion (whether that's at the gym or on a worksite)
  • Help balance the body's pH levels

And what about ginger?
Well, our favourite fiery root can:

  • Support digestion
  • Help reduce inflammation
  • Help boost immunity

AND no sugar, naturally you say?
Absolutely no sugar, naturally! Like Remedy Kombucha, Remedy Switchel ACV naturally contains no sugar.

So all these goodies AND it's delicious? That's right! Fizzy, refreshing and a little fiery, Remedy Switchel is an effortlessly easy way to get your daily fix of ACV and ginger and is a great swap for your regular, sugary soft drink.

Keen to know more? Here's Remedy Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill with the lowdown:

What's The Deal With ACV?

Truth be told, acronyms drive us a little nutty. But Apple Cider Vinegar can be a mouthful, both literally and figuratively! Having said that, we love ACV for many reasons: it can aid digestion, help regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels, promote good heart health and help keep cholesterol low. We love it, but we don't necessarily love necking it straight! This is why we use ACV to make one of the best-tasting fizzies out there, Remedy Switchel ACV!


Here are four good reasons to incorporate more ACV in your diet:


Good bacteria for your gut

Heard of the mother - the web like sediment that sits at the bottom of the bottle of raw, organic, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar? This mother is very similar to the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of good bacteria and yeast) you'll find in kombucha. Believed to be rich in health-boosting natural proteins, healthy bacteria and acetic acid, the mother is where it's at and part of the reason why ACV is so good for you.


Damn good for your digestion

Drinking ACV can help regulate the amount of acid in your stomach, leading to easier digestion. Bye-bye bloating or constipation! Just like other fermented foods (hello kombucha and coconut water kefir), raw, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar also contains healthy bacteria that can help keep your digestive system working correctly.


Curbs those blood sugar spikes

A daily dose of ACV can help stabilise and regulate blood sugar. Consider having a Switchel before a high-carb meal to prevent blood sugar spikes. If you're counting your calories, research has also found that acetic acid in ACV can stop your body from absorbing the calories from carbohydrates.


Lowers cholesterol and improves heart health

Studies have shown that taking ACV can help to lower triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood, but having high levels of these lipids can increase your risk of heart disease because they cause fat to build up in your arteries which can block blood flow. No thanks!


There you have it, four excellent reasons to incorporate ACV into your daily diet to give your gut and overall health and wellbeing a boost. The easiest, tastiest way to do so? Grab a Remedy Switchel ACV to reap the rewards.