Switchel: How's it taste? When should you drink it?

Remedy Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill drinking Remedy Switchel

Switchel: How's it taste? When should you drink it?

Wondering what the heck that Switchel drink tastes like and when the flip you're meant to drink it!? Remedy nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill is here to answer your questions!

Switchel has what we like to call the taste trifecta: a little sweet and a touch sour, with a slightly spicy kick.
We’ve launched with two delicious flavours!

Blood Orange is like a healthy version of a certain orange fizzy from childhood. It’s got a beautiful depth of flavour. Kind of a bittersweet, with a real tang to it. We reckon the kids will love this one!

The Finger Lime is a real zesty, tangy treat. Ginger brings the heat, the lime keeps it cool.
It’s perfect for swapping out for a beer at your next barbie, or if you’re so inclined, it makes for a nice cocktail mixer too. Both flavours make for a refreshing bevvie all on their own or can also enjoyed as a great accompaniment to food.

Three reasons or ways you could add into your routine are:

After some hard yakka:
While most of us aren’t out toiling the fields these days, the farmers who loved Switchel back in the day were onto something! it’s a mighty fine way to rehydrate after going hard, whether that’s after a big gym, spin or yoga sesh or even a big night out!

As your daily dose:
Forget shots or weird concoctions, Remedy Switchel is a super tasty, effortlessly easy way to get a dose of daily raw apple cider vinegar and ginger goodness.

A healthy life hack:
Healthier living can be as easy as making simple swaps. Switch out softies! Mix the naughty with the nice using Switchel as a cocktail mixer! Or ditch the booze altogether without the FOMO one of these babies in your hand at your next BBQ.

In terms of how much you should drink, we don’t believe in a daily prescription. Like any food or drink, trust your gut on what feels right for you.