The WILD one for everyone, NEW Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry!

NEW Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry 330ml

The WILD one for everyone, NEW Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry!

ROLL OUT your picnic rug and chuck some ice inya esky!! We’ve just dropped Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry – a berrylicious, tastebud take-off kombucha that’ll even make your non-booch drinkin’ mates weak at the knees.

Brilliantly balanced with mixed berry tastiness, we’re confident this WILD one is for everyone. On first sip, you’ll be swept away to a warm summer’s day.

BURSTING with strawberry, blackberry and blueberry bliss, this jammy and beautifully aromatic berry brew is unprecedently good. We are pumped to celebrate the best of summer and the minglin’ months ahead with this delicious drop!

After a very WILD year, this new flavour builds on the THIRST and excitement for the summer break ahead with that mixed berry tastiness we all know and lurveeee. Best of all we can start summer RIGHT as Wild Berry Kombucha has all the flavour and none of the sugar or nasties traditional berry fizzy drinks sneak in.

Made the old school way, Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is made in small batches following a long-aged 30-day brewing process to create the tastiest, healthiest kombucha going ‘round with lip-smacking berry BOLDNESS. Reach for a Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry online by the case FULL here or pick one up in the fridge at your local Woolworths or independent grocer. Curious about the benefits of kombucha? Get clicking to learn more.