One of the drivers at the heart of Remedy’s beginnings was a desire to shake things up and be a force for good. Nothing’s changed. If anything, we’re more motivated than ever. We want to transform the drinks landscape from inside our company, out.

We’re committed to making it right. Making our drinks right, with all-natural healthy ingredients following an old school process that means no sugar, naturally. Making you right, by giving you tasty drinks full of goodness for your gut health and overall wellbeing. Making the drinks landscape right by challenging the notion that tasty products can’t be genuinely healthy without tricks or hidden ingredients. And we want to make it right in our community by supporting those who support us.


Streat (TM)Streat (TM)


Youth homelessness and disadvantage are hard to swallow. STREAT is working to change that, one meal at a time, via a social enterprise model that provides wrap-around support and hospitality job training.

We are super proud to support STREAT’s amazing HQ Collingwood-featuring a café, bakery and roastery – by supplying our kombucha at no charge, allowing them to maximise the profits that go straight back into their important work.

So, next time you’re in the ‘hood and looking to enjoy one of the 80,000 meals you’ll eat in your lifetime, make it count; visit STREAT, and grab a Remedy while you’re at it!

Kombucha KangaroosKombucha Kangaroos


We’re stoked to be an official partner of the North Melbourne Kangaroos, keeping their club room fridge stocked to the brim with our delicious, gut-loving, I Quit Sugar approved drinks.

Kombucha Kangas has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Or the Remedy Roos?

We’re not just fans of the ‘Roos (aka the Shinboners as the die-hards know them), for setting an awesome example by making kombucha and other gut loving live cultured foods and drinks a part of their daily diet. We also love the club’s strong spirit, ethos and values. They are heavily involved in their local community and are the only AFL club not to have poker machines. We say that alone is worth rewarding!

Jona Segal, Dietitian and Strength & Conditioning Coach, at North Melbourne, says Remedy is part of a holistic approach to improving the players’ general health and wellbeing through diet and an increasing focus on gut health.
“The fact that Remedy naturally contains no sugar was really important. It’s increasingly clear that even if you can burn off sugar, too much of it can have other negative health impacts,” says Jona.

“I also believe kombucha is an excellent addition to our players’ diets because it contains live cultures and organic acids that can aid digestion and help the body absorb minerals. Remedy is also a great source of antioxidants and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.”

Kombucha KangasKombucha Kangas

Mona HopeMona Hope


Team Remedy is super proud to be an official supporter of Moana Hope, one of the inaugural marquee players in the AFL Women’s League!

We love Mo’s guts. She is not only an awesome athlete but she’s also a pretty inspirational person. We love her relatable, down-to-earth attitude. She’s all about keeping it real and spreading the word that footy is for everyone, and now she’s also helping us spread the word that Remedy is for everyone, too!

Mo tells us that she loves drinking Remedy because she trusts that it naturally contains no sugar and is full of goodness that helps her feel good and perform to her best. But most of all, she says, “I just love the taste of it!”