We know there is a disconnect between what parents want their kids to drink and what kids want to be drinking. That's why we're stoked to have made a drink just for kids that parents can feel good (maybe even a little smug) about. Remedy JNR. frees parents to treat their children – more often – to the tasty fizzy drinks they want to be drinking.

Remedy JNR. doesn't just take the bad stuff out of kids' drinks, or add the good things in – it does both! It might taste like their fave popper – but it's jam-packed with goodness with no sugar, for real! Thoughtfully brewed in small batches; Remedy JNR is live-cultured, raw and unpasteurised.

Remedy JNR. is the super-tasty, lightly fizzy kombucha brew made just for kids. It’s kid tested and parent approved.

Remedy JNR. is a convenient on-the-go size that fits snugly in small hands. It's great for lunchboxes and after-school nibbles and can be served as an alternative to sugar-filled soft drinks at birthday parties and sleepovers.

Remedy JNR. has the flavour and fun fizz kids love, plus is 100% free from artificial sweeteners, colourings, preservatives and contains no nasties!


Is Remedy JNR. safe for kids of any age?

You betcha! Remedy JNR. is safe for kids of any age.

Does Remedy JNR. contain caffeine?

All Remedy JNR. flavours have less than 5mg of caffeine per 250ml bottle, which is super-duper low! For reference, an average can of soft drink contains around 34mg!

Is Remedy JNR. vegan?

All our Remedy JNR. flavours are vegan friendly.

Is Remedy JNR. organic?

Yep! Remedy JNR. is Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certified. This tells you we have met rigorous independent checks undertaken by one of the most respected and trusted standards in the world for organic production.

Is Remedy JNR. gluten free?

All Remedy JNR. flavours are gluten-free (high five!)

Does Remedy JNR. contain any common allergens?

Nope, all our Remedy drinks including Remedy JNR. are allergen free.

Can adults drink Remedy JNR.?

Ahhh, heck yeah! We ain’t judgin’, they’re delicious!

What temperature should you store Remedy JNR. in?

Given Remedy JNR. is made with high quality ingredients, you can store them in the pantry or the fridge without any issue.

Where can I buy Remedy JNR.?

You can purchase Remedy JNR. from your local Coles supermarket, independent grocer or online.