24 X Remedy Good Energy - Blackberry - 250ml Cans

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Pump up the jam with this berry bonanza.

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Pump up the jam with this berry bonanza. Bouncing around your mouth b-ball style before high scoring with a sweet slam dunk minus the sugar and nasties, this bevvie is bursting with berry goodness, rocking your body its smooth, natural energy kick.

Take a ramble in the brambles with this juicy, jammy fizzy minus the sugar and nasties. Pop the top for a good golly gut full of deliciousness that combines fresh and fruity flavours with a just a hint of vanilla ‘n’ hibiscus. Packing a punch with polyphenols including green tea, raw green coffee bean extract and ginseng, this one’s ripe ‘n’ ready to rumble!
Average QTY Per 250ML Per 100ML
Energy 32kj (8cals) 13kj (3cals)
Protein <1g <1g
Sodium <5mg <5mg
Organic raw kombucha (pure water, wild kombucha culture, organic black tea, organic green tea), natural organic sweeteners (erythritol and steviol glycosides), ginseng extract, blackberry extract (natural flavour), organic vanilla, raspberry extract (natural flavour), green coffee bean extract.
  1. Finally!!!! A healthy and delicious energy drink.
    I was in the supermarket with my kids, totally exhausted like all mums are from time to time. I saw it in the fridge, the word 'energy' caught my attention as this was something I so desperately needed. I was skeptical about the claims this small glass bottle was making but I decided to take a chance. I'm happy to say that it really does give an energy boost. There are no sugar highs and lows as with other brands, as this is sugar free. Also no artificial sweeteners etc. JUST THE GOOD STUFF. And it tastes great too. I also had more energy and my kids didn't have a tired mum.

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