Remedy Shots Mixed Case - 12 x 60ml

Whether you’re feeling run down, you’ve indulged in one too many late-night souvas, or you just need a pick-me-up, we’ve built you your own wellness artillery in the form of our Remedy Shots Mixed Case with a sampler of our Remedy Immune+, Remedy Digestion and Remedy Energy.

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Thought the HSP had nailed the holy trinity? Well we've got news for you! Our Remedy Shots Mixed Case contains a mix of our three totally chuggable shots that can give your immune system a boost, ease your digestion and give you an energy kick quicker than you can say, "It's 3pm". Like all Remedy Drinks, Remedy Shots contain no sugar, naturally, and are packed with the perfect blend of delicious and functional ingredients to provide you with a direct hit of goodness. Keep a stash in the cupboard or fridge at home, in your work drawer or even your bag for a little sneaky yet wholesome shot of goodness on-the-go. Click here to learn more about the Remedy Shots range. 


This case contains:
4 x Remedy Energy Shots 
4 x Remedy Immune+ Shots 
4 x Remedy Digestion Shots