During winter months, Remedy packages will be delivered for pickup at your nearest Canada Post location rather than to your door. This prevents your tasty beverages from freezing before you can crack into them.



Good news Remedy fans - we currently deliver our gut loving goodness anywhere within Canada from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island:

  • Greater Toronto Area – up to 4 business days
  • Rest of Ontario – up to 5 business days
  • Other provinces metro – up to 7 business days
  • Other provinces rural – up to 10 business days 

We try our very best to get your Remedy order to you ASAP, but we cannot guarantee exact shipping times until we invent a Remedy teleporter or invest in a Remedy delivery drone - sorry! Once your order is processed by the Remedy elves, you should receive a tracking link and updates from Canada Post so you can track it all the way to your front door.



Your Remedy goodness will be delivered at ambient temperatures. We recommend keeping Remedy Kombucha in the fridge because we think it tastes best cold, but we have conducted stacks of shelf life testing at both refrigerated and ambient temperatures to ensure that the live cultures in our raw kombucha stay happy, intact and safe. That fact that we brew out all of the sugar in our long-aged brewing process means there is no risk of re-fermentation in the bottle.