Remedy Energy Blackberry - 330ml x 24

Pump up the jam with this berry bonanza. Add some punch to your kombucha with a natural energy kick from raw green coffee bean extract and ginseng.

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Pump up the jam with this berry bonanza. Bouncing around your mouth b-ball style before high scoring with a sweet slam dunk minus the sugar and nasties, this bevvie is bursting with berry goodness, rocking your body its smooth, natural energy kick.


Take a ramble in the brambles with this juicy, jammy fizzy minus the sugar and nasties. Pop the top for a good golly gut full of deliciousness that combines fresh and fruity flavours with a just a hint of vanilla ‘n’ hibiscus. Packing a punch with polyphenols including green tea, raw green coffee bean extract and ginseng, this one’s ripe ‘n’ ready to rumble!
Average QTY Per 330ML % Daily Value
Calories 5 -
Fat 0g -
Protein 0g -
Potassium 30mg 1%
Supplemented with † 0g -
Caffeine 80mg
Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, fibre, cholesterol, sodium, calcium, or iron. * 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot †Includes naturally occurring and supplemental amounts
Raw kombucha (carbonated water, sugar*†, black tea leaves*, green tea leaves*, kombucha culture* (bacterial cultures and yeast)), Erythritol*, Hibiscus (water, hibiscus*), Blackberry flavour, Ginseng extract, Raspberry flavour*, Vanilla extract*, Coffee bean extract, Stevia leaf extract*. *Organic ingredients † No sugar remains after Remedy’s traditional long-aged fermentation.