5 Ways to Get Your “Energy Drinks Are ick” Mates into Remedy KICK


We all know that guy. You know the one. If there's an energy drink on the counter, they’re rolling their eyes or screwing up their face or saying, “You know energy drinks are so bad for you, right?”

We’ve all got those mates. Heck, we’ve probably been those mates.

But­ we must preface that was in the very dark and depressing days before Remedy KICK came onto the scene.

We know energy drinks have a bad rap for being outrageously high in sugar, artificial ingredients and bad caffeine… and anxiety and sadness, but we’re breaking out of that icky stereotype to bring a refreshing, tasty, no sugar caffeine hit without the guilt, jitters or crash. 

But how do you convince your “energy drinks are ick” mates to try Remedy KICK?

Here are five arguments that are 100 billion per cent scientifically proven to work.*

1. No heart palpitations, no problems! Most of us don't really dig the jitters and shakes and am-I-having-a-heart-attack side effects of traditional energy drinks. That’s why you can brag to your energy drinks are ick mates about the lack of jitters with Remedy KICK, thanks to the all natural caffeine coming right from raw, unroasted green coffee beans.

2. Sugar who? If you know Remedy, you know we’re not about that sugar-high lifestyle. We prefer to be high on life… aaaaand all natural energy sources that don’t come with a sugar crash 2hrs later.

3. Refreshing, for real. Mid-arvo coffees just don’t hit the same as a cool, refreshing bevvie. Mornings are for coffees. Arvos are for KICKs. 

4. Say cya later to sickly sweet. Love the idea of a mid-arvo, refreshing AF pep in ya step but can’t stand the overwhelmingly artificially tasting sweetness of most energy drinks? KICK is packed to the brim with natural sweetness, leaving no need for scrunched-up noses or litres of water after you’ve emptied your can.

5. Flavour-filled AF. Just like all Remedy bevvies, KICK is a one-way ticket to flavour town. With Lemon Lime, Blackberry and Mango Pineapple, you won’t be able to stop yourself from making KICK part of your daily routine.

*We are not scientists, but our guesstimations and magical-looking glasses prove this accurate.

Which Remedy Bevvie are you?

“Where has the year gone?”

“Can you believe it’s almost winter?”

“Gee whiz, it’s a bit nippy out there today, isn’t it?”

If having yet another mundane AF conversation about the weather with your co-workers feels about as enticing as a dip at a cold Melbourne beach in May, we’ve got a little somethin' somethin’ to get better chats flowin’ in the lunch room.

You guessed it, it’s quiz time.

Gather Josh from accounts, Petey boy from sales and Susan from HR (or maybe not Susie if your Susie is a classic HR Susie type) 'round your computer for a good old-fashioned quiz.

Q1. It’s colder than the top of Hotham in the middle of winter. You have nothing on the schedj. What are you doing?
A. Eating at the new café/restaurant Broadsheet covered last week
B. Shopping, obvi
C. Cold schmold, I’m going on a hike!
D. Hitting the gym for a sweat sesh

Q2. You’re out for a drink (of the alcoholic variety). What are you ordering?
A. Nothing tops an ice-cold beer
B. Cocktails (yes, even in this economy)
C. Shots, shots, shots-shots-shots, shots, EVERYBODYYYY
D. I’ll stick with soda water, thanks

Q3. You’re snuggling on the couch with your fave humans. You get control of the remote. What TV show are you pressing play on?
A. Great British Bake Off with a cuppa, of course!
B. I got a text! It says we’ve gotta watch Love Island
C. Survivor. The tribe has spoken
D. Ninja Warrior so you can say, “I reckon I could do that”, no less than 24 times

Q4. You can only eat one brunch meal for the rest of your life. What’s on the menu?
A. If I had to choose, it would be zucchini and corn fritters topped with artisanal goat cheese and a side of homemade tomato relish
B. I might literally die without smashed avo
C. Bacon and egg roll with extra cheese, yummo!
D. It’s gotta be muesli and Greek yoghurt topped with seasonal fruits

Q5. You find yourself with a time machine. You can wind back the clock and set yourself on a new career path. What are you choosing?
A. Food writer. Cooking show judge. Maybe even a chef!
B. Makeup artist. Pop culture journo. No, a fashion stylist!
C. Tour guide. Park ranger. Anything outdoorsy, sign me up!
D. Footy player. Personal trainer. Heck, I might even work toward the Olympics!

Mostly A's: You’re booch-tiful, just the way you are
You’re Kombucha! You’re no stranger to fermented bevvies and would just as happily sink an ice-cold booch as you would an ice-cold beer. In your downtime, you love getting out and about with mates, hitting up the local (and not-so-local) haunts you’ve read about in Broadsheet. You’re the go-to for dinner parties because you pull out all the stops every time, even when it takes you a day (or two) to prep. 

Mostly B's: You’re the soda-licious life of the party
You’re Sodaly! AKA the life of the party. Always ready to makeover your bestie who finally ended it with the latest F-boy with a J-name. You’re the one everyone goes to for life advice, a shoulder to cry on and a night out to make them forget about whatever they needed to cry about in the first place.

Mostly C's: You’re KICKing goals
You’re KICK! Adventurous, outdoorsy and the idea of a Netflix & Chill date night makes you jittery, you prefer to get your hands dirty and experience the world IRL. You’re always the first to suggest a camping trip or bevvies around a bonfire, and you’re the go-to for guiding your mates out of their comfort zones to squeeze every single bit of fun and adventure outta life.

Mostly D's: You’re not throwing away your Shot
You’re Shots! Fit, active and health conscious, you prefer a Friday night in over a night on the jagers so you can make that Saturday morning sweat sesh. You’re the one who always brings your mates together over mixed netball or futsal, and even though you get a tad more competitive than social sport should be, you’re a happy chappy as long as your mates give it their all.

There's no such thing as bad energy... or is there?

Adulting is a tough gig. It’s probably why we all get hooked on bitter bean juice when we hit our uni days just to feel something.

That something is energy, obvi.

Uni, work, kiddos, general life stuff. There’s a heckin’ lot to balance without a full 8hrs of sleep or (because who’s actually getting a full 8hrs every night?) a caffeinated pep in ya step.

But is there such a thing as bad energy?

Is there a bad way to keep calm and caffeinate on?

Is there a bad way to get through this rigmarole we call adulthood?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes. And here’s why.

All caffeinated bevvies have to get their caffeine from somewhere, and we all shop around for what works best for our bevs.

But what works best for our bevs doesn’t always work best for our bods.

The big dawgs in energy tend to opt for caffeine sources like guarana and taurine. Think heart palpitations, chemically induced mortal panic attacks and the crash of all crashes a couple of hours later when the caffeine (and bucket loads of sugar it’s paired up with) starts to wear off.

We dunno what you’re into, but we dig our energy boost without the shakes or jitters.

That’s why the caffeinated bevvies in our drink lineup get that good energy straight from raw, unroasted green coffee beans. This fuels a more enduring hit that helps you keep on keeping on without feeling dragged under by the impending 3 PM hitting of the wall.

An energy hit without the guilty bit is our jam. Fuel up for good with Remedy KICK or Remedy Energy Shot

5 Bevvies With Sugar That'll Shock Ya

Honest-to-booch disclaimer from the get-go: at any one time at Remedy HQ, there’ll be at least one person tucking into a block of Tony’s Chocolonely. We don’t mind a sugary treat every now and then, so this isn’t a preachy, wellness warrior blog that’ll convince you to cut out sugar for good. We love sugar, we just prefer it in our chocolate, not our drinks!

Want to know which bevvies have sugar levels that’ll shock ya? Let’s have a little looksie.

Juice: A 125ml cup of OJ often has around 7g of sugar. We know everyone loves a glass of OJ with their pancakes on a Saturday morning, but we prefer to start our days without a sugar rush and opt for a Remedy Kombucha Orange Squeeze instead. Same orangey flavour with no sugar, for real. Winning. 

Smoothies: Your average fruity smoothie packs a sugary punch, with around 20g of sugar per 250ml. Instead of reaching for the Nutri Bullet for your workday snack, reach into a mixed case of Remedy Sodaly. Freakin' tasty fruity flaves with 0g of sugar.

Sports drinks: Yep, our sports drinks are taking a hit, too. We know how good these bevvies go down after a kick of the footy or reformer pilates, but with around 15g of sugar in a 350ml sports drink, Remedy Kombucha is a much tastier, no sugar alternative.

Energy drinks: Most traditional energy drinks have around 50g of sugar per 500ml, which blows our damn socks off every time we read it. We know tradies and gym junkies love a good energy drink, but wouldn't a better-for-you, no sugar energy drink like Remedy KICK be even better? Natural energy without the sugar crash is the wiser energiser for us.

Coffee: Almost every single person at Remedy HQ was devo to hear this, but our morning coffees aren't all they're cracked up to be. The average black and basic white coffees aren't too crazy on the sugar front, but the zazzier blends up the ante in the sugar department. When we want the energy hit without the extras, we opt for one of our Remedy Energy Shots

There you have it, folks. Five bevvies with sugar that’ll shock ya. The upside, of course, is just how easy it is to swap these out, with our range of flavour-filled Remedy bevvies that all have no sugar, for real (high-five!).