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Booze-Free Brewskis

Turns out, you CAN have too much of a good thing (or so we've learnt after overindulging for the last three months solid). In great timing for us, February is all about ditching the booze (and sugar), and having a better brewski instead. Our livers and wallets say thanks to us during this time. 

If, however, you, like us, have become accustomed to drinking delicious fruity cocktails and Italian aperitifs over the summer, we're here to help. We weren't ready to give up the world of fun-coloured cocktails garnished with expensive dried citrus just yet, so we've made recipes that taste just like the real deal. Better yet, these tasty tipples won't lead to pounding headaches or ex-text regret. If either of those happens after consuming one of these mocktails, that's on you boo.

Healthy Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings

Written by  Jacqueline Alwill,  Remedy Drinks Accredited Nutritionist @brownpapernutrition 

Are sugar cravings hitting you hard each day, and you want to stop them in their tracks? Let’s look at some of the common culprits contributing to sugar cravings and how you can say goodbye to those cravings for good.

1. AIM FOR 2 + 5 EVERY DAY. Let’s get back to basics, friends. The foundations of a healthy diet begin with consuming two servings of fruit and five serves of vegetables (minimum!) per day. But did you know that most Australian adults don’t consume anywhere near this amount? Only 5% meet this target (Source: ABS). So why is this important for curbing those sugar cravings? Well, it’s pretty simple. Without a diet rich in fibre from fruit and vegetables, our blood sugar levels are peaking and dropping throughout the day. When we have fibre-rich foods, however, starting with fruit and veg (but also including all foods from the plant kingdom - nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, whole grains), this slows the rate at which sugar is released into the bloodstream, allowing our cells to absorb it more efficiently and keeping our blood sugar levels stable. So, if you’re struggling with sugar cravings but also struggling to eat your 2 + 5, then start here. 

2. MAKE SIMPLE SWAPS: Love an afternoon soda but find you’re STILL craving sugar after the sugary soda? Time to swap that crazy sugar-coated can for something natural, guilt-free, satisfying, charged with goodness and without sugar. Meet Remedy Sodaly - your new fizzy friend that’s FULL OF FLAVOUR and contains beneficial prebiotics from apple cider vinegar. Why do I want apple cider vinegar in my soda, you say? Well, apple cider vinegar, with its juicy prebiotic pectin and acetic acid, helps to slow the rate your food is emptied from the stomach to the small intestine, allowing our body to regulate glucose better. PLUS, prebiotics provide the fuel for trillions of beneficial bugs in our gut so they can work their gut and health lovin magic, helping to regulate our appetite and blood sugar! Neat right? You’ll find Remedy Sodaly in all your favourite flaves, including Lemon Lime & Bitters, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon Squash, Guava and Passionfruit at your local grocer. Try making the swap the next time you're craving something sweet but want to make it right!   

3. DON’T SKIP MEALS: Ever thought you were doing the right thing by eating a small meal or skipping a meal to save on calories? Mmmmm, what about when you eat double or more at your next meal, though? Or skip lunch only to find your sugar cravings are cranking after dinner. Those cravings are behaving this way because you haven’t given your body the fuel it needs throughout the day. The result? The sugar fiend emerges. The lesson? Don’t skip meals. Your body and your blood sugar levels will thank you for it. 

4. FIBRE FIRST: If you feel like you’ve ticked all the boxes so far and wondering why you’re still craving sugar after your meal, try shuffling the way you consume your meal around ever so slightly. Start the meal with your most fibrous component – hello, big bowl of salad. Follow this with your protein and fats BEFORE you eat your starchy carbs such as potatoes, rice, pasta etc. (these break down to sugars in our body). Consuming your fibre first helps to buffer and slow the breakdown and absorption of the starchy carbs and their sugars, resulting in a more even delivery of glucose to the bloodstream. PSA. If you’re really clever, have a Remedy Sodaly with apple cider vinegar 20-30 minutes before your meal to reap the benefits! 

5. HIT THE SACK: You’ve likely experienced a day of feeling hungry for sugar after a night of poor quality or not enough sleep. Sleep is the low-hanging fruit for health, but we’re increasingly battling to reach out and grab it, so we find ourselves seeking out those energy-dense high-sugar foods and drinks to combat low energy. Not only that, but reduced sleep can affect the production of hormones, including those involved in regulating our hunger. Ghrelin, our appetite-stimulating hormone, rises with poor sleep, whilst leptin, our hormone responsible for helping us realise satiety, is lowered. The changes in how each is regulated are the perfect storm for hunting down sugar from the minute we wake. 

Trialling The Only Shots That Will Leave You Feeling Better The Next Day

When Remedy reached out to me with an offer to trial their new Digestion, Immune+ and Energy shots I said yes without thinking too much about it. Like many people raised on a steady feed of short-form internet content, I've come to worship at the altar of intestinal health. I watch those clear-eyed, dewy-skinned, macro-laden social media gods pile their plates high with kimchi and kale, nodding silently as they preach about gut flora, stabilised blood sugar and over-flowing energy levels.

I believe them.

I believe that their carefully tended tummies hold hidden secrets that could unlock long lives, healthy minds and let’s face it…good looks.

Then I put down my phone and return to my own life of discounted late afternoon pastries and special edition Tim Tams, knowing that my body holds no such secrets. Most of the time I'm just happy if it’s not holding too many biscuit crumbs.

But this range offered a glimpse at a possible new era for me. A chance to jump-start my body and brain while hopefully also avoiding what does low-key seem like a lot of work and kale massaging.

Side note: Isn’t it funny how food and health influencers always manage to cut their overflowing sink of dishes out of frame?

The Remedy range of shots is simple and designed to serve as a selection of convenient boosters to get you across the day.

Immune+ is a little punch of Vitamins A, C, B6 and other goodies. I found myself reaching for it first thing in the morning as a zingy entree to breakfast. It joined the existing army of multivitamins that I employ each day in an effort to fight off the stresses of the modern world without actually changing any of my behaviours to meaningfully combat said stresses.

It was like a considerably tastier green smoothie – except without the problem of having to clean a blender or admit that you’re the kind of person who drinks green smoothies.

Even my boyfriend – who lives his life like Kevin McCallister – took a shine to them, regularly swiping one and devouring it with the enthusiasm of a kid dipping into a lolly bowl.

Usually, about an hour later I’d turn to Energy, which incredibly has managed to replace my usual late morning coffee. That’s no small victory, considering that spot has been held for at least a decade.

Containing 60mg of caffeine from green coffee beans, green tea and ginseng it provided a much-needed kick without the steep ascent and crash that my usual filter subjects me to. It also tasted like berries, which on a warm summer morning felt more appropriate than a boiling hot mug of blackness. Overall, it was all the buzz with none of the jitters.

Finally, we arrive at Digestion (my personal favourite) that’s made up of apple cider vinegar (ACV), lemon juice, a prebiotic, and ginger. This fiery little guy tastes like health in a bottle but is also somehow delicious. You can almost feel the good vibes shining through you as it (pleasantly) tingles down your throat and tummy.

It also came to form a nice little ritual at the end of the day. I’d sip it as a very wholesome aperitif. Not only did it settle my stomach, which as established, often takes a beating. It also provided a mental trick of telling me it was time to wind down my grazing ways. I found myself snacking less late at night as if my stomach and endless appetite had been gently put to bed.

Now I’m a real person, and not a bot trying to sell you supplements on the internet, so I’m not going to say that my brain, body and lower intestines were totally transformed over two weeks of drinking these little guys. But I did feel better!

Starting the day with the Energy and Immunity shots gave me a pleasing amount of pep that, as mentioned, I didn’t later pay for with a caffeine or sugar crash. It was also a relief to know that even when my breakfast didn’t live up to the highest nutritional goals (there’s calcium in cream cheese right?) I was still putting something of value into my system first thing.

The Digestion shot was probably the one that made the biggest difference though. Again, as a lifelong evening snacker, I used to go to bed with a grumbling tummy that sounded as if it was trying to ask me in morse code “why do you do this to us?” But with this little nightcap, all was silent and still.

Overall, I can confidently say these are the least-regrettable shots I’ve ever done! If only every flavourful shooter made you feel this good…

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To get the conversations rolling, we sat down with four of our fave Aussie blokes for a big ol' D&M as they opened up about their struggles, the turning point, how they flicked the switch to help get their mental health in check and their advice for others who might be in the same boat.

In the fourth episode of this hairy little Movember mini-series, we chat to stand up comedian Ben Lomas about giving up drinking, and his tips for staying off the grog.

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