24 x Remedy Kombucha - Raspberry Lemonade - 250ml Cans

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Your all-time favourite, all grown up. Delicious & nutritious lip-smacking goodness in a bottle.

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A grown-up, guilt-free take on a childhood classic. No sugar. No nasties. No need to wait for the weekend to sip on this here pink lemonade. We reckon we’ve nailed it in an even better, all-natural kombucha form. Enjoy on the daily.

Brace yourself. We’re about to take you back in time. You’re eight years old. It’s Friday night. A special occasion. The family is off to the local Chinese restaurant or maybe the pub for dinner. Ooh la la. You know what that means… pink lemonade. Take a sniff and savour the aroma of fresh sweet raspberries. For a truly nostalgic experience, pour over ice and pop in a straw. Check out that red berry colour. Take a sip. Awwww yeah. Real lemon juice provides a perfect zesty balance to the sweet berry flavours. No need to ask Mum or Dad. Have another.
Average QTY Per 250ML Per 100ML
Energy 105kj (25cals) 42kj (10cals)
Protein <1g <1g
Sodium <5mg <5mg
Certified organic raw kombucha (pure water, wild kombucha culture organic black tea, organic green tea, organic raw sugar), organic erythritol (all-natural flavour enhancer), organic hibiscus, raspberry extract (all-natural flavour), organic lemon, organic stevia (all-natural sweetener).
  1. Great!
    This drink is my go to afternoon “snack” so I don’t eat junk. Fills me up and I’m good until dinner. I love it!

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  2. Fantastic!!!
    This raspberry lemonade is simply amazing! The taste is divine, very refreshing! The cans are a great size, I will not buy anything else!

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