12 x Remedy Switchel - Blood Orange - 330ml Bottles

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Fiery ginger meets its match in this bittersweet beauty. Tart yet smooth, it’s a real kicker.

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A healthy version of a certain orange fizzy from childhood.

Juicy, intense and tangy with just a touch of tartness, this is a smooth, full bodied bevvie with bold and beautiful flavours that favour the brave and the thirsty.

Remember that orange fizzy you used to drink as a kid? Delicious, super juicy, tangy, and smashable right? Well, that drink has taken a good hard look at itself, gone on a self-improvement course and come up trumps: it’s healthier, tastier, and even better(er) for you. No really. It IS new and it IS improved. With a bold burst of blood orange in every mouthful, smash this thirst-quenching citrus bomb and take a trip down memory lane minus the sugar shakes.
Average QTY Per 330ML Per 100ML
Energy 148kj (33cals) 45kj (10cals)
Protein <1g <1g
Sodium <5mg <5mg
Certified organic raw switchel (pure water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic ginger), all-natural sweetener (organic erythritol), organic hibiscus, blood orange extract (all-natural flavour), honey extract (all-natural flavour), organic lemon, all-natural organic sweetener (steviol glycosides).
  1. Absolute favourite
    LOVE Blood Orange Switchel - it's refreshing, delicious and so healthy

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  2. Good after workout
    I drink this after a workout. It's like fanta without the sugar. I'm shredding at the moment and this is the perfect drink after a good pump session and I find its good to help balance the stomach after too much pre-workout.

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  3. My 12 year old son loves this
    He says it reminds him of Fanta. Bonus for me is that it has no sugar. Winning at mumming!

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