Eaten Alive's Gut-Friendly Jackfruit 'Crispy Duck' Pancakes

As you know we've teamed up with our friends at Eaten Alive to bring you a series of gut-friendly vegan recipes and last to the table is Jackfruit Faux Crispy Duck Pancakes!

Jackfruit Faux Crispy Duck Pancakes (serves 4) 

  • 2 tins of young (green) jackfruit in water
  • 2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 1 small bunch of spring onions (white part only), finely diced
  • Garlic to taste (LOTS), finely diced
  • 2 tbsp ginger, finely diced
  • 1 tsp Chinese five-spice
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce or Tamari
  • 1 tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 4 tbsp Remedy Kombucha Cherry Plum
  • 2 tbsp Eaten Alive Cacao & Lime sauce 

Remaining Ingredients to serve

  • Pancakes for crispy duck
  • Eaten Alive Cacao & Lime sauce combined with Hoisin sauce, to taste
  • 1 cucumber, cored and cut into matchsticks
  • Spring onion, cut into thin strips lengthwise
  • Sesame seeds, to garnish 

Method (Best made a day ahead to marinate the jackfruit): 

  1. Drain both jackfruit tins. Roughly break up the pieces with your hands and set them aside.
  2. Heat up toasted sesame oil in a medium pan. Fry spring onions until softened. Add garlic and ginger and fry off gently until soft and fragrant.
  3. Add five-spice mix and fry it off gently, stirring the whole time, for a minute or so.
  4. Now add in the prepared jackfruit along with your Soy sauce or Tamari, Hoisin, sauce Toasted sesame oil, Remedy Cherry Plumb Kombucha and Eaten Alive Cacao & Lime sauce
  5. Mix everything really well. Squash the jackfruit pieces with your mixing spoon so that the individual fibres separate more.
  6. Simmer the mixture gently for another 5-10 minutes and then allow it to cool down. Place in the fridge overnight to intensify the flavour.
  7. Just before you are ready to assemble your pancakes, set the oven to 200° C. Spread the jackfruit pieces on a baking sheet lined tray and bake for approx 20-25 minutes until a little caramelised and browned around the edges. 

To Serve: 

  1. Warm-up your pancakes in a steamer.
  2. Dollop a bit of Cacao & Lime/Hoisin sauce on the inside of each pancake, followed by jackfruit ‘duck’, cucumber, spring onions and sesame seeds.
  3. Enjoy with a glass of Remedy Kombucha Cherry Plum.

Eaten Alive's Gut-Friendly Ginger Kimchi Fried Rice

We've teamed up with our friends at Eaten Alive to bring you a series of gut-friendly vegan recipes, and second to the table is this super-delicious Ginger Kimchi Fried Rice!

Ginger Kimchi Fried Rice

Serves 4


  • 300g dried brown basmati cooked in advance. Ideally chilled in the fridge overnight or at least for a few hours following cooling.
  • 1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 2 Tbsp finely diced ginger
  • 200g Eaten Alive Classic Spicy Kimchi, roughly chopped
  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce or Tamari
  • 4 Tbsp Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon
  • 4 eggs, lightly scrabbled (optional)

For Garnish

  • Extra Eaten Alive Classic Spicy Kimchi, roughly chopped
  • Small bunch of radishes, sliced
  • Spring onions, sliced
  • Sesame seeds


  1. Heat the toasted sesame oil in a wok or large pan and fry the ginger for a brief minute so it begins to release its wonderful aroma.
  2. Add the pre-cooked rice and fry for a couple more minutes.
  3. Combine the roughly chopped kimchi and continue to fry for another 5 minutes.
  4. Add the Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon along with the soy sauce or tamari and stir through until well combined.
  5. Finally if opting to use them, add the pre-cooked lightly scrambled eggs and stir through. 

To Serve: 

  1. Plate/Bowl your Kimchi Fried rice.
  2. Top with a little extra Classic Spicy Kimchi, sliced radishes, spring onions and sesame seeds.
  3. Enjoy with a glass of Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon.

Apple Crisp Som Tam Salad Recipe

Fancy a delicious recipe with our live cultured and fizzy Apple Crisp kombucha? Coming right up!
We've teamed up with our friends at Eaten Alive to bring you a series of gut-friendly vegan recipes ???? and first to the table is Apple Crisp Som Tam.

To make this delicious Thai salad packed with prebiotics, vitamins and micronutrients, and feel-good live cultures you'll need;

Shopping list of ingredients:
•   2 Cloves of garlic
•   25g roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
•   1 or 2 bird’s eye chillis, thinly sliced
•   2 or 3 apples peeled and cut into matchsticks
•   1 or 2 carrots peeled and cut into matchsticks
•   Juice of 1/2 lime
•   1 Tbsp Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp
•   100g Green beans
•   Small bunch of Cherry Tomatoes

Dressing Ingredients:
•   1Tbsp Tamarind Paste
•   1Tbsp Eaten Alive Lime and Jalapeno Sauce
•   3 Tbsp Remedy Apple Crisp Kombucha
•   1Tbsp Fish sauce/Vegan Fish sauce alternative (optional)
•   1 Tbsp Coconut Blossom Nectar or sweetener of your choice to taste

For Garnish:
•   More roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
•   Lime wedges
•   Fresh coriander leaves

Perfect for dining alfresco with some mates, don’t forget to enjoy with a chilled Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp too!

Nut Butter Caramel Eggs

Go ahead, drool. Nobody is judging here. Much like Christmas, calories don't count over Easter. It's a fact. Well, it's not, but we're happy to keep living in denial. Made by Remedy nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill this recipe is the new ultimate Easter treat!

Nut Butter Caramel Eggs

Makes 12 mini eggs

Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan


  • 150g vegan dark chocolate, broken into pieces

  • 1/4 cup (60g) almond butter
  • 2 tbsp (40ml) maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp (20ml) nut milk


Melt dark chocolate in a heat-proof bowl in the microwave or over the top of a pot of simmering water on the stove, until liquid.

In a bowl, whisk together the remaining ingredients for nut butter caramel until smooth.

Once the chocolate is melted, divide evenly between silicone egg cases and spread around using a pastry brush. Place in the fridge to set for 20 minutes. 

Once set, spoon the caramel into the egg cases. Pop the remaining egg halves and pop on a plate. 

Heat a plate or tray in the oven gently so it's warm enough to hold. Rest one of the cover chocolate halves on the tray, flat side down, to melt the edge slightly. 

Place on top of filled egg half and press to seal. Repeat, one at a time until they're all sealed. Return to fridge to set for 30 minutes. 

Once set, pop out of the cases and enjoy. Store in the fridge or freezer for up to 4 weeks.