The 9 Best Gingers Of All Time

1112---The 9 Best Gingers Of All Time

Looking for more ways to get MORE ginger inya? From Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) to 'Pretty Woman' Julia Roberts, one thing is clear is that all these babein' raven reds have been slayin' it for centuries.

The dream team at Remedy have rounded up our ALL-time favourite GINGERS. We're clearly having a very productive and official day in the office…

***Please note, these are in no order of favourites - it was too much of a firey debate to resolve***

1. Ginger Spice (aka Geri Halliwell)


 2. Julia Roberts

Absolute no-brainer for this Pretty Woman.

 3. Prince Harry

You cheeky thing, you.

 4. Ed Sheeran

Bringing his A-Team, always.

5. Susan Sarandon

“Ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you babe" **Sobbing at the TV screen.

 6. Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon

PACKED with real freakin' GINGER and the goodness of tea polyphenols, organic acids and live cultures, this one is a winner.

 7. Emma Stone

STONE cold absolute FOX.

 8. Ron Weasley

Blimey, he’s loyal, a great mate, and not too shabby with his broomstick... On the Quidditch Pitch. C'mon, get ya head outta the gutter!

 9. Remedy Switchel Blood Orange.

Juicy, intense and tangy with just a touch of tartness, Remedy Switchel Blood Orange is one smooth operator that will have you up late sweet-talking about what you gonna do when you 'get outta here'. With its ACV and GINGER (swipe right) goodness plus the added vitamin C kicker in its blood orange - it's totally worthy of meeting your parents.

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