5 Bevvies With Sugar That'll Shock Ya

1500---5 Bevvies With Sugar That'll Shock Ya

Honest-to-booch disclaimer from the get-go: at any one time at Remedy HQ, there’ll be at least one person tucking into a block of Tony’s Chocolonely. We don’t mind a sugary treat every now and then, so this isn’t a preachy, wellness warrior blog that’ll convince you to cut out sugar for good. We love sugar, we just prefer it in our chocolate, not our drinks!

Want to know which bevvies have sugar levels that’ll shock ya? Let’s have a little looksie.

1. Juice

A 125ml cup of OJ often has around 7g of sugar. We know everyone loves a glass of OJ with their pancakes on a Saturday morning, but we prefer to start our days without a sugar rush and opt for a Remedy Kombucha Orange Squeeze instead. Same orangey flavour with no sugar, for real. Winning. 

2. Smoothies

Your average fruity smoothie packs a sugary punch, with around 20g of sugar per 250ml. Instead of reaching for the Nutri Bullet for your workday snack, reach into a mixed case of Remedy Sodaly. Freakin' tasty fruity flaves with 0g of sugar.

3. Sports drinks

Yep, our sports drinks are taking a hit, too. We know how good these bevvies go down after a kick of the footy or reformer pilates, but with around 15g of sugar in a 350ml sports drink, Remedy Kombucha is a much tastier, no sugar alternative.

4. Energy drinks

Most traditional energy drinks have around 50g of sugar per 500ml, which blows our damn socks off every time we read it. We know tradies and gym junkies love a good energy drink, but wouldn't a better-for-you, no sugar energy drink like Remedy KICK be even better? Natural energy without the sugar crash is the wiser energiser for us.

5. Coffee

Almost every single person at Remedy HQ was devo to hear this, but our morning coffees aren't all they're cracked up to be. The average black and basic white coffees aren't too crazy on the sugar front, but the zazzier blends up the ante in the sugar department. When we want the energy hit without the extras, we opt for one of our Remedy Energy Shots

There you have it, folks. Five bevvies with sugar that’ll shock ya. The upside, of course, is just how easy it is to swap these out, with our range of flavour-filled Remedy bevvies that all have no sugar, for real (high-five!). 

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