Can You Drink Kombucha When Pregnant?

0997---Can You Drink Kombucha When Pregnant?

There are so many things you can’t have when pregnant. A nice glass of red on a cold winter's day. Soft cheeses. A nice slice of salami from the deli. UGH! Sometimes it feels all too hard to find out what the heck you can actually consume when you’re growing a little human life inside you.

That’s why we’re making it (mostly) easy for you.

Is kombucha safe in pregnancy?

Yes, you can drink Remedy Kombucha when pregnant.

As part of our strict food safety certifications, we conduct regular external testing of our products to ensure they meet the highest standards of food safety and compliance. Because of this rigorous process, our co-founder and others on our team happily enjoyed Remedy Kombucha throughout their pregnancies.

Thank goodness for a delicious, alcohol-free bevvie you can actually enjoy during pregnancy!

What about other kombucha brands?

Here’s the catch. We can only speak for Remedy Kombucha.

We know our booch inside out. We’re all too familiar with the testing we do. We can say, with confidence, that the kombucha we brew is safe during pregnancy.

But not all brands make kombucha like we do: the old-school way, using a 30 day brew.

Not all brands use the same ingredients as us: all natural, with no sugar for real.

There is too much room for error for us to be able to say, definitively, that kombucha is safe in pregnancy.  

That’s why we can only speak for Remedy Kombucha.

As always, have a chat with your health practitioner if in doubt.

How about breastfeeding?

Yep, Remedy Kombucha is also safe to drink when breastfeeding. Simple as that!

So the good news? Remedy Kombucha is totally safe for our pregnant and breastfeeding Remedy lovers. Whether you’re craving a beer and need a non-alc alternative, or just want something darn yummy that you can actually drink, Remedy Kombucha might just become your pregnancy bestie. You’re welcome!

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