Do wellness shots actually work?

2900---Do wellness shots actually work?

Wellness shots have been firmly in wellness warrior territory since well before TikTok was a thing. They’ve been some niche bevvie only taken by the most wellness-y of warriors, and just about everyone has doubted whether they do what they say they can do.

We have it on good authority (AKA: our head brewer at the fermentary) they’re the real deal...

… When they’re made with the right ingredients.

We can’t speak for other wellness shots ‘cause we’re not privy to what goes into these small but (presumably) mighty bevvies. But we know our shots are made from only the best all natural ingredients that are super well known to have functional properties.

Let’s take a little lookie at our Remedy Digestion Shots as an example.

If you have an upset tum or have maybe eaten a few too many chippies with your parma (not parmi, fight us), or have downed a kebab after a few (ahem, wayyyyyy*) too many beers, what ingredient immediately comes to mind?

For the everyday, non-wellness-warrior type, we’d say ginger. It’s well known that ginger has some great digestive qualities to it, and surprise surprise, it’s one of our key ingredients in Digestion Shots.

For the everyday, slightly more-wellness-oriented type, we’d say Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). While a shot of ACV goes down as well as said kebab at 2 AM on Saturday night, it's natural acidity has been known to aid digestion.

The same can be said for our Immune+, Sleep*, and Energy Shots, all carefully crafted with ingredients that help the bevvie do what it says on the label.

So, now that we know our shots can talk the talk and walk the walk, it’s time to walk n talk yourself over to your local supermarket, servo or online store to stock up.


*Sleep shot is only in Australia at the moment, sorry Kiwi mates!

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