Fruit Extracts vs Fruit Juices

1100---Fruit Extracts vs Fruit Juices

Let's be real. You've probably never pondered the difference between a fruit extract and fruit juice.

"Who cares?" We hear you ask.

"Aren't they the same thing?" You mutter to your screen.

Well here's the deal. You should care, because they're not the same thing.

They're the difference between a no sugar soft drink (like Sodaly) and a "no added sugar" drink (like so many others out there).

Do you care now? Even 5% more than you did a minute ago? Great, 'cause we're going to spill the beans anyway and we think you'll actually find it pretty interesting.

As you might well know, we're all about carefully sourcing high-quality, all natural ingredients to ensure no sugar is added to any of our Remedy Drinks.

That's why we don't use juices for flavouring. Fruit juices usually have quite a high sugar content, so while they can be a pretty easy way to sweeten a drink and amp up those fruity flaves, they come with the side effect of adding sugar to the bevvie.

And that's not our jam.*

Instead, we use fruit extracts in our drinks. These are the flavour components of the fruit without any of the sugar that comes in the juices. They are high in flavour with no sugar, just the way we like it!



*We do use ginger juice and lemon juice in a few of our bevvies, only because they have very low fermentable sugars. This means we can still get the flavour of these juices without the sugar, keeping all Remedy bevvies 100% sugar free.

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