Ginger Lemon Kombucha - Flavour Deep Dive

Ginger Lemon Kombucha - Flavour Deep Dive

If you know Remedy Kombucha, you know Ginger Lemon. One of our OG flaves and all time greats, Ginger Lemon has won the hearts of booch fanatics and newbies alike.

But what’s the deal with this fiery flave? Let’s find out.

Ginger Lemon origin story

Picture this. You’re Sarah and Emmet brewing the first batches of Remedy on their kitchen counter. You come out with a booch-a-licious Original flave, but it’s a smidge too kombucha-y for mainstream sippin’.

Enter: Ginger Lemon.

Using the same ol’ 30-day brew we used in Original (and still use in every single Remedy Kombucha to this day), we spiced it up with some fresh and fiery ginger and a dash of zesty lemon to craft the bevvie that would be loved by all for the decades to come – a nod to a classic ginger beer.

Fresh ginger is the best ginger

At Remedy, we buy fresh ginger from right here in Aus and crush it on-site! Sometimes, it’s only been out of the ground for 3 days before it’s in our bottles and cans. We think that makes our Ginger Lemon brew taste so darn good!

Taste aside, the fresh ginger has also been a hit for our Rem Fans far and wide, with ginger renowned for it’s antioxidising, anti-inflammatory and digestive effects. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Remedy mocktail

Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon is a mighty bevvie to enjoy on its own, but it tastes booch-eriffic in a Dark & Stormy mocktail too.



Chuck it all in a tall glass. Mix. Enjoy! Simple as that.

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