Kombucha VS Sodaly: What's the difference?

Kombucha VS Sodaly: What's the difference?

We’ve been in the business of booch for a darn long time. 99% of people will pick up a Remedy bevvie and expect the fermented goodness we’ve been brewing for the last decade.

And sometimes it really is our OG bevvie, kombucha.

But sometimes it’s this newfangled (and unbelieva-bubbly tasty) bevvie called Sodaly.

If you’re stuck wondering if there’s a difference between the two, then boy-oh-boy do we have some good news for you! Read on to find out the difference between Remedy Kombucha and Remedy Sodaly.

What is kombucha?

In a nutshell, kombucha is fermented tea.

We follow the traditional method of brewing kombucha around here, which involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea with a live culture (AKA: that SCOBY you see).

The result is a seriously delish sparkling drink that contains the goodness of live cultures, tea polyphenols (antioxidants) and organic acids.

What is Sodaly?

Sodaly, on the other hand, is our guilt-free soft drink. Perfect for the kombucha sceptics or those who just can't get into it (we don't take it personally). We know kombucha might not be for everyone, but Sodaly definitely is.

No tea leaves. No SCOBY. No fermenting is required.

Instead, Sodaly is made with apple cider vinegar (OK, maybe there is still some fermenting) that contains prebiotics that may help aid digestion, enhance immunity and promote healthy skin.

But like all Remedy bevvies, both Kombucha and Sodaly are all natural, contain no sugar and darn delish drinks that will leave your tastebuds tingling for more!

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