Summer Beach Hacks

Summer Beach Hacks

Aussies, you’ve gotta admit. We’re pretty darn lucky to have some of the world’s best beaches at our doorstep. From Whitehaven to Wineglass Bay, there’s a never-ending stretch of beautiful coastline for us to enjoy all summer long.

Setting off for a day at the beach, however, can be a lot more involved than you might think. Sure, it’s easy enough to pack your bag and hit the road, but you can level up your beach game without all the extra effort! Suss out our five top hacks for making beach days a breeze.

Keep a big water bottle in your car all summer!

This water isn’t for drinking, it’s for washing the sand off your feet before you swing them into the car. Genius!

Quick dry beach towels = overrated

A bit of a hot take, but quick dry towels aren’t worth the hype. We dig a classic, oversized, rectangle beach towel on our beach days, giving you plenty of space to kick back and relax without risking a close call with the hot sand.

Got inflatables? Get an electric pump

Save yourself the pre-swim sweat from pumping up your inflatable donuts and stand-up paddle boards. Get an electric pump, plug it into your car and watch the magic happen.

Pack a beach day kit box!

At the start of summer, pack a kit box full of your fave SPF50+ sunscreen, lip balm, hat, drink bottle, snacks and everything else that’s a must-have on your beach days. Then, every time you head off, you just grab it and go.

Parking a nightmare? Find the side streets

For the busier beaches in the country (we’re looking at you, Melbourne and Sydney), we don’t even try to hit up the main carparks because a) the cost, and b) they’re always chockas. Regardless of whether you’re there first thing in the morning, go straight to a side street for (mostly) pain-free parking.

And our Remedy-fied bonus tip? Pack yourself an ice-cold can of Sodaly for the day. It’s important to stay hydrated, but it’s always fun to level up your bevvie game with a healthy dose of flavour!

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