The Craft Of Kombucha

The Craft Of Kombucha

Wanna know one of our funnest facts that usually earns a double take and a, "No way! Are you for real?"?

It's that every batch we brew is a descendant of the very first kombucha made on Sarah and Emmett's kitchen counter back in 2012. Pretty crazy stuff, right?

And while we do a lot of things the way we always have, from our 30-day brew to our all-natural ingredients, there are a few more steps that take a "we should make THIS flavour" conversation at the Remedy HQ lunch table to a certified bangin' fave sitting pretty on supermarket shelves.

So, why not invite our biggest Remedy lovers behind the scenes to get the DL on how we craft our kombucha?

Let's do this!

Flavour ideation

It all starts with flavour. If you know anything about Remedy, you'll know that flavour comes first, for real.

Sure, we love making better for you bevvies, but if they don't taste like a little fizzy slice of heaven, what's the point?

So, we spend a fair chunk of time deciding which flaves we wanna explore. Which flaves we reckon we could do justice. Which flavours we can source high-quality, natural ingredients for? Which flaves we reckon our Remedy lovers (that's you!) will find super smashable.

When we've gone round and round the flavour merry-go-round, we bring our ideas to the people who can turn 'em into a real-life, great-tasting bevvie.


Our Flavour Wizards are just that - magic beings from god knows where who can craft just about any flave we dream up.

Remember our Attica x Remedy Kombucha Lime Spider? If you managed to snag a taste of that nostalgic bevvie, you'll know it truly tasted like a Lime Spider. You could taste the ice cream melting into the lime-flavoured fizzy, taking you back to Sundays at your local milk bar with your pals.

We dreamed big, and our Flavour Wizards delivered. In fact, they deliver time and time again, crafting brewtiful bevvies everyone will love.

Fun fact: Our Flavour Wizards tested over 5 different natural mint flavours for our summer Limited Batch Kombucha, Watermelon & Mint. They take flavour seriously, and those other mint flaves were simply not good enough.

Taste testing

After our Flavour Wizards have crafted the first iteration, we bring the team together to take 'em for a spin.

In case you're not picking up what we're putting down yet, we really give a hoot about flavour. Good enough isn't good enough. It has to be the best we can make it.

So we taste test each and every flave. We craft new formulations. We test. We reformulate. And we rinse and repeat this process until we have a flave we're proud as punch about!

We sometimes even put the flave in front of our Remedy Lovers. It's all good and well for us to love it, but we want to make sure you guys love it, too!

Fun fact: We test anywhere between 2 to 10+ different formulations before finding our perfect fit!

Packaging design

New flave, new packaging design! We get our brilliant creative brains on the job to design new labels for the can or bottle, new four-pack cartons, and new cases.

Sometimes, this also includes getting our wordsmiths involved to update the words on the packaging. For example, if you put Attica x Remedy Kombucha Lime Spider and Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon side by side, you'll notice a heckin' big difference.

Once this is all ticked off, we send our final designs to the crew who print our cans, glass labels and cartons.


While we're getting our cans and bottle labels printed, we get cracking in our Remedy Fermentary on making the actual liquid.

If you know anything about Remedy Kombucha, you know we brew our booch the old-fashioned way, in small batches with a 30-day brew in our temperature-controlled brew room. We care a lot about our brew babies!

When the brew is complete, and the formulation is all formulated, we send it down the line! This is where it gets dispersed into our bottles and cans, packaged up into cartons and popped onto pallets to send to your local supermarket, servo or independent grocer.

There you have it, Remedy lovers! You guys know as well as we do that we can't give you all the boochy details (IP and stuff, ya know?), but this is still a pretty decent deep dive into how we craft our super smashable Remedy Kombucha flaves.

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