The Secrets Behind Sodaly

1110---The Secrets Behind Sodaly

You know how Sodaly is the new kid on the block at Remedy? Well, it might blow your socks right off when you realise Sodaly  has actually been out and about since 2022. Yep, this delicious softie has already been kicking for over two years.

With two new flaves recently hitting shelves (oh hello Pineapple and Yuzu Lemon), we thought what better time to talk about what goes into cooking up this bangin' bev.

Flavour ideation

Like any of our Remedy bevvies, flavour is our numero uno priority. We're allergic to releasing a drink that doesn't make our tastebuds sing, so we take our flavour ideation process very seriously.

At any given time, we usually have a couple of flaves we're dreaming up—a few flavour profiles we would step on Lego to try.

But what do we do with these ideas? We do what any smart cookie would do: We take our ideas to the experts on the team to bring to life.

Flavour development

Our Flavour Wizards have been making bangin' booch (and other Remedy bevvies) for well over a decade, but it's a smidge different to whip up flaves for an all natural softie with an ACV base.

But of course, since the moment Sodaly was conceptualised, they smashed flavour out of the park. We don't call 'em Flavour Wizards for nothing because the flavours they whip up are nothing short of magic.

As with all Remedy drinks, they source only the best natural flavours and ingredients for our freshest Sodaly flave idea. They add a splash of this and and a touch of that (scientific accuracy is obviously their jam, not ours), and then we get to the funnest part of all.

Taking 'em for a spin... on our tastebuds!

Taste testing

There's nothing better than getting invited downstairs in the Remedy Fermentary to take the freshest flave for a spin.

Fun fact: We usually go through 5+ iterations to get the formula juuuust right. We're big on flavour, and we make sure it's as good as we can possibly get it before it lands on shelves near you. The difference between iterations can be as big as changing the whole ingredients list, or it can be as small as slightly amping up the levels of one key natural flavour.

No matter how big (or small) the change is, we fiddle with the formula until we're 110% happy with it. 'Cause flavour is our number one consideration, and 100% is just not enough.

Packaging design

Every new flave needs new packaging. Of course, we have a bit of a style we stick to with Sodaly to keep the look consistent, but our creative brains get to play with colours and illustrations to suit the fresh flavour.

Even though we keep a similar look and feel across the Sodaly range, we don't make these packaging decisions lightly. The new designs also undergo quite a few rounds of review, making sure we're stoked with the bevvie from the inside out.


Our production team are wizards in their own right. Using the perfected formulations, they get cracking on crafting the liquid and sending it down the line to be canned or bottled, wrapped up in cartons and popped on pallets.

These pallets are then sent out to your local supermarket, servo or independent grocer. Or they're delivered right to the online area in our warehouse, where we send out bevs through directly to the people (AKA you guys). How good!

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