Why Not All Kombucha Tastes The Same

Why Not All Kombucha Tastes The Same

Kombucha is considered a bit of a niche drink. Aside from the obvious reasons (ahem, fermentation), it’s not like your traditional soft drinks, which all kinda taste the same. They’re made with similar ingredients, they have very similar flavour profiles, and you can easily swap brands in and out of your basket, depending on what’s on sale.

Kombucha is a totally different ball game, which is why we’ve invited Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill to the Remedy blog to explain why not all kombuchas are created equal.

Over to you, Jacq!

Not all kombuchas are brewed the same way

Many drinks claiming to be kombucha are skirting around the important stuff. The long age brewing process, fermented in small batches with real tea leaves and a healthy, hearty SCOBY to top it all off. What makes Remedy Kombucha truly unique is that it follows this 30 day brewing process and uses the descendent of Remedy’s original SCOBY.

Remedy Kombucha undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the sugar is brewed out and the live cultures remain. The live cultures and organic acids in Remedy Kombucha are critical components of a kombucha brew that impact our gut health. The science shows that our gut microbes and overall gut health play a vital role in immune and metabolic health and influence neurobehavioural traits.

It is this commitment to being the highest quality kombucha out there that sets Remedy Kombucha apart from the rest.

Not all kombuchas are made with the same flavouring

If you’re new to kombucha, you’re likely to think kombucha tastes weird.

Original flavoured kombuchas (i.e. kombucha without much, or any, added flavours) can be quite bitter. Think: the muslin covered mason jar you’d find on a bench in a novice booch brewer’s kitchen.

But there is almost every flavour under the sun to choose from when it comes to Remedy Kombucha, and they all taste INSANE. 

Remedy Kombucha has over 14 flavours to choose from, made from high-quality, 100% natural ingredients for a truly tasty brew. You can find these flavours on remedydrinks.com, although you’ve very likely seen most of them at your supermarket, local convenience stores, pizza shop, burger joint, or basically anywhere that traditional soft drinks have had a place.

Remedy has given a real nudge to the soft drink space with their variety and functionality of gut-loving drinks, WITHOUT SUGAR, so you can enjoy them with any and every type of meal.

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