It's time to ditch toxic energy for good with Remedy KICK, the wiser energiser without the crash, jitters or guilt that comes from traditional sugar-laden energy drinks full of artificial nasties. Remedy KICK is packed with fruity flavour and contains no sugar, for real. Featuring all natural ingredients, green coffee bean and ginseng, it's the perfect boost to power you through the day (or night!). 



How much caffeine does Remedy KICK contain?

Remedy KICK contains 80mg per 250ml can, which is the same caffeine hit as a cup of coffee!

Where does the energy come from?

Remedy KICK is made from only the best all natural ingredients. Green coffee bean delivers a smoother, more enduring energy hit. Nothing hidden, nothing artificial.

Why is Remedy KICK a better alternative to other energy drinks?

Remedy KICK is packed with goodness! You’ll get all the benefits of our superior kombucha brew; live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids with no sugar, for real.

How many can I have in a day?

Trust your gut on what feels right for you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all prescription for how much. Some people like to have one a day in addition to their morning coffee fix. Others (like many on the Remedy team) have a few!

When should I drink Remedy KICK?

  • In the AM: Remedy KICK is the perfect bevvie to put a pep in your step first thing. Chock full of live cultures and antioxidants, try it for a fruity start to your day.
  • The 3pm slump: It’s a thing. Instead of reaching for a cheeky bar of chocolate or another coffee, why not try a Remedy KICK. No guilt here, just a refreshingly natural energy hit.
  • You’re busting a gut at work or play: You’re out and about trying to get ‘it’ done or pulling a late one because you’ve got an exam or work presentation. Put down the artificial energy and reach for the Remedy KICK, we say!
  • Sub out traditional energy drink: Got the jitters from one too many? We get it. We’re no saints either but try a Remedy KICK instead and see how you go…we guarantee you’ll be feelin’ better for it!
How is Remedy KICK sweetened?

Remedy KICK is sweetened with a low-calorie blend of stevia leaf extract and erythritol, all 100% natural and plant-based.

Is Remedy KICK vegan?

All our Remedy KICK flavours are vegan friendly.

Is Remedy KICK gluten free?

All our Remedy KICK flavours are gluten free (high five!).