Are Remedy Drinks Vegan?

Are Remedy Drinks Vegan?

Brewin' up all natural bevvies sounds like a pretty cruisy way to spend your time, but there's a lot more to it than the average Joe would expect.

Mostly when it comes to our ingredients.

We're really (realllyyyyyy) picky with the things we decide to put into our drinks. All the ingredients are 100% natural (of course), but we also work to select the highest quality ingredients to give our fave people in the planet (our Remedy lovers) the highest quality drink to stick in their fridge, take on a roadtrip or smash at work lunches.

But just because our bevvies are all natural, does it make them all vegan?

Well, kinda.

Kombucha, Sodaly, KICK and Switchel are all vegan friendly. Even though Switchel has "honey extract" in the ingredients, there is no honey or derivatives of honey in our natural honey flavour. The natural flavouring substances are derived from plant sources and, when mixed and combined, give a honey flavour profile.

Basically, it's a natural honey flavour, just with no actual honey in sight (neat, huh!?).

Remedy Digestion, Remedy Sleep and Remedy Energy Shots are also vegan friendly. The only exception is our Immune+ Shots.

Due to the processing of one of the ingredients, Remedy Immune+ is not technically vegan, so we can't loop it in with the rest of our vegan-friendly bevvies.

But rest assured it's the only exception, and all other Remedy Drinks are suitable for our vegan pals to enjoy on the daily.

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