Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Secret Santa lists are being sent out. The eyes are staying peeled for holiday deals. But the well of holiday gift ideas has already dried up, and you’re wondering whether you should just change your name and move to Mexico – it’ll be easier than thinking of a gift for Uncle Peter.

While a trip to Mexico sounds pretty good right about now, we’ve got the gift guide you need to feel more blessed than stressed this holiday season. Let’s take a looksie!



Remedy Kombucha

Giving a heck about your gut is for grown ups, but it can taste pretty darn booch-a-licious with the right kind of bevvie. That’s why we would (obvi) suggest one of our 10+ flaves of Remedy Kombucha where taste comes first, for real. 

Who Gives A Crap TP

Is your favourite grown up hosting the big family gatho? You know they’ll need to stock up TP, so why not give ‘em the gift of recycled TP that’s better for the planet and your bum.

Kip & Co Homewares

Grown ups love nothing more than funky homewares they can show off to their in-laws. Nope, not even their own flesh and blood get a look in when there’s groovy new salad servers or – wait for it – a new serving platter! Feels. We find some of our faves at Kip & Co, and they’ve even made it easy with their very own Chrissy collection.



Skwosh Bucket Hats

The new socks n jocks, bucket hats are the Gen Z version of a sun-safe good time. Perfect for younger cousins to wear unironically or for Uncle Peter to perch atop his rapidly balding head for a family lol. If you’re in need of a rec, we dig the hat collection from Aussie label Skwosh.

Funday Sweets

All bets are off for the holidays. Sitting around nan’s kitchen table with a pile of choccy wrappers to your right, a couple of lolly packets to your left, and your empty plate from your second serve of Christmas lunch. As it should be! But you can be snacking on the no sugar added Funday Sweets to snack smarter (and harder… without a sugar overload tummy ache after one too many peach hearts).

Remedy Mixed Case

You can’t go wrong with a mix of Remedy bevvies. Whether you’re shopping up a Sodaly storm for your younger cousin (paired with 1989 Taylor’s Version on vinyl, of course), or nabbing a mixed pack of KICK for your aunty with two restless rugrats, there’s something for everyone.



frank green Reusable Cups

Everybody needs to transport liquid, hot or cold, from A to B. Whether it’s a morning cup of joe or a healthy dose of booch, we dig planet-friendly reusable cups like frank green’s.

Remedy Sample Pack

A bit o’ this, a bit o’ that. There’s something for everyone in our Remedy Sample Pack, with all the best flaves of Kombucha, Sodaly KICK and Switchel to suit even the fussiest of bevvie drinkers. Full of flavour with no sugar, for real, these bevvies check every box on your bevvie wishlist!

Socks ‘n’ Jocks

You know how we said bucket hats are the new socks n jocks? They are, but you also can’t go past the trusty socks n jocks for the hard-to-buy-for people on your gift list. Funk it up a notch with Step One, with a range of fun and festive prints guaranteed to get a laugh.



Somewhere Co Picnic Gear

Tis the season for picnics, so why not treat yourself to some colourful picnic fun from our mates at Somewhere Co? From picnic rugs to wine coolers and everything in between, you can set yourself up for a summer in the sun.

KIC Subscription

Sick of the new year, new me merry-go-round? We couldn’t be bigger fans of the KIC app, helping you eat well, move well and make it last!

Your Remedy of Choice

You know yourself better than anyone, so you know what kind of Remedy tickles your fancy! Whether it’s a summery Limited Batch moment (we’re looking at you, Watermelon & Mint) or a sodalicious fave (hello, Sodaly Raspberry), treat yourself to your very own drink of summer with Remedy.

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