Turns Out Energy Drinks Can Be Good For You

1400---Turns Out Energy Drinks Can Be Good For You

We are all too familiar with the ick factor among traditional energy drinks. They’re for the tradies. The gym rats. The ones who deadset want a side of heart palpitations with their caffeine hits.

But those aren’t the kinds of people who care about whether energy drinks are good for you or not.

The coffee lovers, morning runners and late-night studiers are the kind who want an energy hit without the guilty bit. That’s who we’ve made Remedy KICK for, and it turns out this caffeine-fuelled pep in your step can actually be good for you. Here are three reasons why.

No sugar, for real
Sugar can get fruct. It’s one of the key ingredients in traditional energy drinks that gives you a false sense of high after your first sip. Sure, you get the caffeine hit too. But you get the sugar rush that all too quickly leads to the sugar hangover. Remedy KICK has no sugar, for real, making it the better-for-you caffeine hit on supermarket shelves.

All natural ingredients
No chemicals. No numbers. The only asterisks on our ingredients list call out our certified organic ingredients. 100% natural ingredients that come from the ground, not a lab. That’s how you KICK it up a notch, the better-for-you way!

Enduring energy hit
Green coffee bean and ginseng fuels our wiser energiser, two ingredients renowned for their energy-boosting properties that last. Without the crappy combo of guarana/taurine and bucketloads of sugar, you can crack a KICK without fearing the crash.

If you’re vibing a no sugar, better-for-you energy hit without the guilty bit, find our deliciously different Remedy KICK on shelves in 4-packs and single cans at Woolies, independent grocers or, of course, online.

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