Ditching the booze this Feb? Here's How.

Ditching the booze this Feb? Here's How.

It's a bit rough to expect a dry January, right? The festive celebrations spill into every new year, and while we all mean well with our New Year's resolutions, January is just not the month for the #NewYearNewMe chit-chat.

Enter: February.

Sure, it's still hot (dang hot) here down under, but everyone's back into the swing of things. Routines are back in full force. Festive celebrations are well and truly over (and if they're not, it might be time for a family intervention). It's the perfect time to reset, take a month off the booze and junk food, and actually start living up to those resolutions.

So, here are our top three tips for fasting your way through Feb.

Buddy Up! We all know it's easier to stick to something when you've got an accountability buddy. Find a pal who wants to reset this month, set some goals and stick to 'em together!

Get Rid Of Temptation! On January 31st, go through your cupboards, eliminate the sweet treats and boozy bevvies that'll tempt you this month, and replace them with a better alternative (can we suggest our no sugar, all natural bevvies?). Trust us, it makes it stacks easier to resist temptation when you're not looking at it dead on!

Reward Yourself! Set yourself a nice little reward for kicking butt this Feb! Whether it's that new activewear set you've been eyeing, a relaxing massage or a whole lotta Remedy to keep the good habits rolling, find something to keep you motivated and treat yourself on March 1st.

If you're having a go this February, tag us in your better-for-you swaps at @remedydrinks so we can cheer you on!

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