Your daily dose of acv

Remedy Switchel ACV is a refreshing reboot on an old school, live cultured drink that packs a punch of flavour and goodness with no sugar, for real.

The recipe behind the drink is nothing new. Switchel has been around as a traditional homemade drink for centuries. It is believed to have originated in the West Indies in the 1600s, before spreading around the world. In the early 1700s, it became known in the USA as “Haymakers Punch” when it was embraced by farmers as a source of hydration during long days of hard yakka harvesting crops.

Turns out the farmers were onto something! With a hint of sweet, a touch of sour and a spicy ginger kick, Remedy Switchel ACV is your new tasty go-to for a daily dose of all natural goodness.

  • A super tasty, effortlessly easy way to get your daily dose of raw apple cider vinegar. 

  • Just like all our Remedy drinks,
    Remedy Switchel ACV contains no sugar, for real!

  • Fizzy, refreshing and a little fiery, Made from real organic ginger.


  • Take apple juice that has been long-aged fermented to create top quality apple cider vinegar that's chock full of organic acids. 

  • Bump up the flavour with all natural ingredients including ginger for zing and blood orange.

  • We bottle it up and get it out to you quick smart to enjoy. Yummers! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Switchel ACV taste like?

Switchel ACV has what we like to call the taste trifecta: a little sweet and a touch sour, with a slightly spicy kick.

Why is ACV good for me?

Glad you asked! Here's a quick hit list of all the benefits! Apple Cider Vinegar (also known as ACV) can:

  • Help regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Aid digestion and improve gut health
  • Help to regulate appetite
  • Promote good heart health and help keep cholesterol levels low
  • Help restore balance in the body after heavy physical exertion (whether that's at the gym or on a worksite)
  • Help balance the body's pH levels

What's the deal with sugar in Remedy Switchel ACV?

Remedy Switchel ACV is made using organic apples (which as you know, contain sugar!). These apples are naturally fermented, and in this process all of the sugar is converted into organic acids, producing a delicious raw apple cider vinegar that has no sugar, for real. We then pair this with the fiery, fresh ginger to make the most delicious ACV drink goin' round.

Switchel ACV vs Kombucha, what's the diff?

Both bevvies are made the traditional way, are packed full of goodness and have no sugar, for real. But one is made from apple cider vinegar and the other, from tea! Switchel ACV is made from a base of raw apple cider vinegar, paired with real organic ginger and a hint of honey. It’s fizzy, a little fiery and bursting with tasty full-flavoured goodness. Whereas Remedy Kombucha is made by fermenting green and black tea using a long-aged brewing process. The result is the tastiest kombucha going around that’s packed with antioxidants, organic acids and live cultures.

Is Remedy Switchel ACV vegan-friendly?

Yes! We have worked with our amazing suppliers to source a high quality, all-natural and cruelty-free 'honey’ flavour that could be used in our Switchel ACV brew to ensure it was vegan-friendly and suitable for everyone to consume.