How Much Kombucha Should I Drink?

How Much Kombucha Should I Drink?

Quite a few people think kombucha is a once-a-week kind of bevvie. We don’t know where this misconception came from, but we hear all too often that people are limiting their booch drinking to once a week or worse, once a FORTNIGHT.

We could simply never. And we were so heartbroken to think kombucha lovers were limiting their intake based on some pretty rogue (and totally false) info.

You might want to hold onto socks, because we’re about to blow them clean off ya feet!

How much kombucha should I drink?

As we always say, trust your gut on what feels right for you.

We recommend making it a daily habit, but we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all prescription. Different people have different digestive systems, so some might benefit from a booch-with-every-meal approach (like the Remedy team), and others might feel best if they space it out more.

The biggest concern Remedy lovers usually have is around caffeine. They don’t want to smash a couple of bottles of booch if it’s going to get them buzzing. While we can’t speak for other kombucha brands, we know Remedy Kombucha doesn’t have much caffeine compared to coffee – a teensy 10mg per 100ml.

Bonus! Our Kombucha also has no sugar, for real, so you won’t get the caffeine OR sugar crash that typically follows traditional soft drinks.

The best times to drink kombucha

For us, there’s never a bad time to sip on a bottle of booch. But we know smashing a Ginger Lemon at 8am isn’t for everyone, so here are our top three times to drink kombucha.

  1. Lunch break. Nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned kombucha ‘round the lunch table at work. It’s a good way to spice up your day-to-day (AKA boring) tuna and rice situation
  2. Mid-arvo sip. Not feeling like a caffeinated pep in ya step mid-arvo? Reach for a kombucha for a refreshing hit of goodness
  3. Obviously. Whether you’re swapping out a beer for your booch, or simply want a yummy drink to pair with your dinner, evening kombucha is the way to go

Have we got you in the mood to drink more Remedy Kombucha, more regularly? You might want to click this groovy link. Trust us, you’ll be happy you’ve done it.

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