Kick Off The New Year Right!

Kick Off The New Year Right!

Welcome to 2023 Remedy BFF’s! We hope your break was filled with pavs, bevs and bloody good times (and we’re praying the ol’ inbox treated you kindly upon your return to work).

As you dive back into work and catch up on the life admin you didn’t quiitteee get to (aka fully ignored) – we’re going to give you our top tips to start the new year right, keeping the indulgence high and the guilt way down low.

Get ready to enter your gut-lovin’, skin-clearin’, no-sugar-crashin’ era.   

1.     Break up with Booze (at least occasionally) 
Now we’re not saying your Jan must be completely dry but imagine how good you’ll feel when you swap out those summer BBQ beers and wines for a delish Remedy booch or Switchel ACV. You’ll be thinking more clearly, avoiding those late-night carb fests (we see those kebab wrappers) and giving your liver a much-deserved break. Plus, the crisp sound of our amber bottle cracking open is sweet enough to drown out any FOMO.

2.     Remedy your rest 
Whoever said there is no rest for the wicked didn’t have to balance a year of working, socialising, being with family and remembering to put on SPF every day. For us, sleep is sacred. That’s why instead of downing a hot-choccy or scrolling the Tok we suggest winding down with a Remedy Sleep shot. Put down the screen and let the chamomile goodness take you away.

3.     Have a sweet life without the sugar 
We know you love fizzy drinks (you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t). We love ‘em too. That’s why we created Remedy Sodaly. Whether you’re a die-hard pub squash person or want to relive the days of sipping sugar-filled raspberry soft drinks, our range has something for everyone. Ditching your usual sugary soft drink for our low cal, no-sugar Sodaly flavours is the easiest swap one can make (the hardest part will be choosing from our 6 bangin’ flaves).

4.     KICK the coffee 
It hits 3pm and suddenly your body is craving caffeine. You know the drill. If you’re knocking back an espresso or a long black without any sugar, congrats you’re in the 2%. For the rest of us, biggest-latte-you-can-make kind of people, the cals can add up quick. To get a sweeter, more refreshing hit, swap to Remedy KICK. It’s low on calories and has the same amount of caffeine as your usual cup of Joe. Plus, you can chuck it in your bag when you’re on the move (boo-yah).


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