Immune Boosting Tips For Winter

Immune Boosting Tips For Winter

By Remedy Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill, @brownpapernutrition

Don’t let Winter lurgies drag you onto the lounge. Dial up your nutrition with these simple hacks in your day instead.

1. Rise, drink 2 glasses of water + move. Exercise can enhance immune function by promoting circulation + helping immune cells move freely through the body, it can also positively influence gut microbiota which play a critical role in immune regulation.

2. Don’t skip breakfast. Charge it up with protein rich foods that play a role in repairing tissues involved in the immune response and balance it with a variety of colourful antioxidant rich fruits + vegetables to support immune function. Fermented foods are a winning addition.

3. Look at the gaps in your day where you can boost nutrition to support immune function. Have the morning coffee but swap the afternoon for an antioxidant rich snack such as fresh cut orange, with some omega 3 rich walnuts, + grab a Remedy Immune+ Shot to really amp it up.

Remedy Immune+ Shots are made on a base of Remedy’s long aged kombucha brew which brews out all the sugar, leaving us with live cultures and organic acids to enjoy. It’s then combined with functional ingredients (these provide a specific health benefit beyond basic nutrition) including acerola cherries, quinoa sprouts + blakeslea trispora to support immune health.

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