Sodaly Raspberry Flavour Deep Dive

Sodaly Raspberry Flavour Deep Dive

It’s no secret Raspberry is one of the fan-fave Sodaly flaves, with its deliciously sweet, bursting-with-fresh-raspberry taste profile tickling everyone pink!

But if you know anything about Sodaly, you know it’s made from a base of apple cider vinegar (ACV), which usually goes down as well as a shot of tequila…

So, how have we cracked the code on a better-for-your-health and even better-for-your-tastebuds soft drink? It’s time to take a deep dive into the fruity flave of Sodaly Raspberry.


Sodaly Raspberry Origin Story

Back in the early days of Remedy, we were focused on brewing the best kombucha the old-school way: a 30-day brew with all natural flaves to up the ante on flavour. During these good ol’ days, we found a certain flavoured brew that would become one of our most popular flaves to ever grace our range: Raspberry Lemonade.

Fast forward 10 years, and the idea for Sodaly was born. We wanted to create an all natural, no-sugar alternative to the sugary bevvies crowding the soft drink aisle. We equally wanted to create a delicious drink that lived up to our mega-high standards for flavour.

So, we looked at popular traditional soft drink flavours: cola, orange, lemonade, and raspberry.

We also looked at our existing flavour profiles in kombucha to see what we knew would pack a punch: Ginger Lemon, Wild Berry, and Raspberry Lemonade.

Raspberry was the common denominator, so Sodaly Raspberry was born.


Natural Colours & Flavours

The secret to this delish flave is no secret at all, really. We’re loud and proud about the natural colours and flavours we use in our Soda-licious softies, and Sodaly Raspberry is no different!

For the mouthwatering raspberry flavour, our production wizards tried and tested a bucketload of different raspberry extracts to find the most true-to-fruit flave.

And for that vibrant pink colouring, we brew big posts of hibiscus tea to add natural pink/red colours to our bevvies.

Nothing artificial here, no sir-ee. Only the best, all natural ingredients that pack a flavour-filled punch!


Sip On Sodaly Raspberry

Sodaly Raspberry is a delish bevvie to have on its own, but you can also mix it into a mocktail to level up your girl's nights, picnics in the park or even family lunches!


Sodaly Raspberry Mojito Mocktail


·      Handful of ice

·      Fresh juice from 1/2 a lime

·      Handful of fresh mint leaves, muddled

·      Fresh raspberries to garnish

·      Sodaly Raspberry


Chuck it all in a tall glass. Mix. Sip. Enjoy!

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