What Tea Is Used In Kombucha?

What Tea Is Used In Kombucha?

International Tea Day is our favourite day of the year, aside from World Kombucha Day (obvi), Christmas, and that week between Christmas and New Year's when time doesn't exist.

But International Tea Day is up there, for sure! We dig it, 'cause so many of our bevvies wouldn't exist without these hearty brews.

Let's look at our firstborn, kombucha. Kombucha is fermented tea, so the first step in any good booch-making process is to brew a huge pot of tea. Think of your nanna's favourite teapot, then multiply that by a gazillion (or something like that...), and you'll have an idea of roughly the size of our big tea-brewing pots at our fermentary.

But what kind of tea do we brew in these gigantic pots? So glad you asked.

We use two types of tea: green and black. And because it's International Tea Day, here's a bit of a rundown on both.

Green Tea

We use organic green tea in our kombucha brew for its high polyphenol (AKA antioxidant) properties. This centuries-old brew may be associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancers, as noted in some studies, and it may also aid in weight loss through the potential boosting of the metabolic rate.

Black Tea

Our organic black tea, on the other hand, is more oxidised than green tea. The process of withering, rolling, fermentation (or oxidation), and drying gives black tea its characteristic dark colour and strong flavour. The rich superior taste is what we're after in our kombucha, on top of the group of polyphenols it contains that may help to reduce cell damage in the body.

We love all kinds of tea at Remedy - freshly brewed, iced, but most importantly, fermented. Remedy Kombucha, KICK and (most) Shots contain our fermented tea, so we're raising any one of these bevs in cheers to International Tea Day.

Ever wondered what else goes into your favourite Remedy bevvies? Luckily we're not here to gatekeep. We’re all about carefully sourcing high-quality, all natural ingredients ensuring no sugar is added to any of our drinks. Find out here.

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