What We Mean When We Say "All Natural"

What We Mean When We Say "All Natural"

If you’ve picked up a bottle o’ Remedy booch, sipped on a Sodaly, slammed a Shot or crushed a KICK, you’ll undoubtedly see “all natural” featured front and centre of our packaging.

We love all natural bevvies more than Joey loves food (and we’re guessing you do too), but have you ever stopped to wonder what in the Remedy-lovin' heck “all natural” actually means?

Let’s break it down for you.

All Remedy bevvies are all natural. This means we only use ingredients sourced from nature, including:

Natural flavours: whether it’s the fresh ginger we crush on-site at our fermentary or the blood orange extract derived from the fruit itself, all our flaves are 100% derived from plants!

Natural sweeteners: Our sweeteners are naturally occurring, grown from the ground or commonly found in fruits!

Natural colours: we brew big pots of hibiscus tea to add natural pink/red colours to our bevvies. That’s how the likes of Kombucha Wild Berry, Sodaly Raspberry and KICK Blackberry get their beautifully bright colours.

Natural, organic tea leaves: every kombucha brew is kickstarted by a big ol’ pot of tea, using organic green and black tea leaves to get us goin’

Need a healthy dose of all natural flavour? There’s a Remedy for that.

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