All Natural Ingredients Explained

All Natural Ingredients Explained

If you’ve picked up a bottle o’ Remedy Kombucha, sipped on a Sodaly, slammed a Shot or crushed a KICK, you’ll undoubtedly see “100% natural” featured front and centre of our packaging.

We love all natural bevvies more than Joey loves food (and we’re guessing you do too), but have you ever stopped to wonder what in the Remedy-lovin' heck “all natural” actually means?

Let’s break it down for you.

“All natural” is our way of saying we only use ingredients sourced from nature. In a world where artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners dominate the list of ingredients for unnaturally “sugar-free” and “diet” drinks, we make sure our ingredients stay au natural.

Natural flavours

When you’re at your local shops picking a bev to take home, we’d bet you’re thinking about flavour more than anything else. Sure, price comes into it. Sugar and calories sometimes, too. But taste is the biggest reason you’ll pick up a drink, and funnily enough, it’s also a huge reason so many brands use artificial flavours.

It can be tough to get a bangin’ flave with all natural ingredients. Our flavour wizards have been known to go through 10+ iterations of a new flave to get it juuuust right, because we need to get a smidge more creative when crafting natural flavours.

Whether it’s the fresh ginger we crush on-site at our fermentary, or the blood orange extract derived from the fruit itself, all of our flaves are 100% derived from plants.

Natural colours

You probably don’t think too hard about the colour of your drink. We do. Because if you pick up a drink and notice the colour, we’re probably haven’t gotten it quite right.

When you pick up a raspberry soft drink, you expect it to be a full, bright, pink-y red colour.

With a traditional orange soda, you expect a bright, almost fluro, orange.

When you pick up these drinks and they’re the colour you expect, you subconsciously think, “yep, that’s a raspberry soft drink”, and are happy to sip away because it’s what you expect.

If you picked up a raspberry soft drink and it was bright yellow, or even clear, you’d have some doubts about whether it was truly the kind of bevvie you were craving.

Colour is important. And again, it can be hard to get right with natural ingredients, but we’ve been in this game for 12+ years and are pretty crafty with how we use these natural ingredients to get the colour we’re all looking for.

Hibiscus, purple carrot extract and turmeric extract are just some of the all natural ingredients we use to colour our bevs.

Natural sweeteners

Sweeteners are a hot topic right now. With a lot of major players in the drinks game using artificial sweeteners, we’re all pretty sceptical about how sugar free drinks keep their sweetness without, y’know, sugar.

We use 100% natural and organic erythritol and stevia in all Remedy bevs. While they sound pretty artificial and made-in-a-lab-by-robots-esque, erythritol (AKA fermented glucose) is a naturally occurring nectar commonly found in pears, watermelons, grapes, and other fermented products like wine, cheese, and soy sauce.

It's about 70% as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), but it has almost no calories and is non-glycaemic, meaning it does not raise blood sugar levels. This makes it a super popular choice among people with diabetes and those following low-carb diets.

Stevia is a plant that belongs to the chrysanthemum family, native to Paraguay and Brazil. It contains no fructose (AKA sugar derived from natural sources, e.g. fruits), yet is 300 times sweeter than sugar!

When we brew our bevs, we add a touch of organic stevia and erythritol at the end of the natural fermentation process. This adds a touch of sweetness and balances out the flavours after we naturally brew out all of the sugar from our drinks.

See? All natural simply means our ingredients are sourced from nature. From our colours and flavours to our sweeteners, everything is 100% natural—just the way we like it.

You can read up on all our natural ingredients here, or if this has made you thirsty for an au naturale bevvie, hop, sip and jump over here to pick your flave!

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