Myth Busting Remedy Sleep Shots

Myth Busting Remedy Sleep Shots

There’s one thing absolutely zero per cent of adults get enough of – sleep. Whether it’s the fault of a Netflix binge or induced by yet another occasion of my-kiddo-keeps-getting-up-to-ask-for-a-glass-of-water-then-won’t-go-back-to-bed, those precious hours of catching zZz's are few and far between.

Sleep supplements seem to be the easy remedy, but these often come with a bunch of concerns that might make those extra few hours of sleep not actually worth your while.

Are these concerns warranted? Or can a sleep supp stop you from counting sheep and put you right to sleep?

We can’t speak for the rest of the industry, but let’s bust some myths around Remedy Sleep Shots.

MYTH : You will feel drowsy when you wake up.

Remedy Sleep Shots are crafted with a functional blend of chamomile, passionflower and valerian root. These are all natural ingredients known to promote relaxation and ease stress, and they aren’t going to keep you drowsy for your morning meetings.

MYTH: Only people with sleep problems need them.

Our Sleep Shots are for more than just those struggling to get a good night's rest. Our Remedy Sleep Shot can help you unwind, stress less and relax.

MYTH: You might not wake up if your baby is crying!

Sleep Shots help get you in the zone for heading to snooze town, but it's not a sleeping pill, so they aren’t going to knock you out so hard you won’t wake up for bub in the middle of the night.

MYTH: You can't have them if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

They are absolutely suitable and safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding to enjoy, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of zZz's with a little one kicking around.

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