Remedy Kombucha College: The History of Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha College: Lesson #1

The History of Kombucha

Forget the fads. While some may have only taken notice of our tasty live-cultured drink when Remedy started popping up in your local supermarket, grocer, cafe, or gym in the last few years, kombucha as a beverage has been around for a loooooong time. We're not just talking pre-social media time when there was no way to snap a pic and show off your booch and acai bowl combo. We're talking BC time, peoples. For REAL old school.

So where did it all start? What's the story? Where does kombucha come from?  Well, here's the thing with those old pre-technology, pre-globalisation days. No one really knows. But there are a few theories that make sense.

Throughout its long and illustrious history, the mighty booch has also been known by some other ripper names, including: Olinka, Tschambucco, Kwassan, Champagne of Life, Kambotscha, Koucha kinoko, Manchurian Mushroom, Mo-Gu, Mother of Vinegar, Mushroom of Charity, Russian Jelly-fish, The Divine Tsche and Mushroom Tea... to name just a few.

Most people believe kombucha originated in China during the Qin Dynasty around 220BC for the Emperor Qinshi Huangdi, which is where the "cha" in the name comes from. As you may know, chá is the Chinese word for tea (yum cha, anyone?). In ancient China, kombucha was called “The Tea of Immortality”. Bold name, huh? Other Chinese names kombucha has been known by include “Sea Treasure”, “Stomach Treasure” (yes, really) and “Sea Mushroom”. Today in China, it goes by the names hongchajun, hongchagu or chameijun.

Believe it or not, the "Kombu" part of the name has nothing to do with kombis and hippies in the 60s who loved kombucha. Instead, the story that makes way more sense is that a Dr. Kombu from Korea introduced the drink to the Japanese Emperor Inyoko in 414 AD.  If you're ever travelling and after a booch fix, don't confuse it with “Seaweed Tea” which is called kombucha in Japan! The Japanese instead call it “kocha kinoko”, which means “red tea mushroom”.

Legend has it that Samurai warriors of ancient Japan carried it as an energy boost for battle. It's even been suggested that the mighty Genghis Khan and his armies were big on the booch.

Thanks to the infamous Silk Road, kombucha soon made its way to Europe, in particular Russia, where it was all the rage.  In Russian, a SCOBY is called čajnyj grib, which means “tea mushroom” and the drink itself is known as "grib" or “tea kvass”.

During World War II, tea and sugar - two important ingredients for kombucha - were rationed in Russia. As a result, the practice was lost in many homes but luckily enough preserved the tradition for it to flourish again in post-war Europe.

The drink soon made its way around the world, growing in particular popularity in the USA and in more recent years, Australia.

Speaking of travelling the world, every batch of our Remedy Kombucha that you enjoy today is a direct descendant from a live kombucha culture (aka SCOBY) brought to Australia from Germany by travellers more than 40 years ago!

Big props to our mates at Kombucha Kamp, an amazing resource and authority on all things kombucha, for much of the wisdom shared here.

Find Your Perfect Remedy Flavour

If you're new to the world of kombucha and don't know where to start - we got you! We're here to give you a quick lowdown on why we love this tangy and tarty treat and help you find your perfect Remedy flave!

The traditional way of brewing kombucha (which we follow here at Remedy) involves the fermentation of a sweet tea and live culture known as a SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. While raw organic sugar is used as a starter when brewing kombucha, during our 30-day long-aged brewing process, all of the sugar is converted into healthy organic acids, leaving a drink that contains no sugar, naturally. We then add natural fruit flavours and plant-based sweeteners to create a delish, guilt-free bevvie that is chock-full of goodness: live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants.

With a heap of tasty flavours on offer, you're probably wondering which one is "the one" for you. We like to think there is a perfect flave for every type of drinker, and to help find yours, we've put together this handy little guide below:  

You're a kid at heart
You wish it was still socially acceptable to cruise around on a Rip Stick and drink pink lemonade after a hard day of work. It's OK. We know the feels, which is why we made Raspberry Lemonade. It's the adult version of the pub classic that you used to get as a kid. It's fun and fruity with added real lemon juice that provides the perfect zesty balance to the sweet berry flavours. This cult favourite hits the spot without the nasties. 

You're the fiery one of the group…
And you like it when things are a little bit spicy! Our Ginger Lemon booch may be your ultimate thirst tamer. It's a fiery and tangy bevvie that combines fresh ginger juice and lemon for a new, guilt-free take on ginger beer. If you like things hot, prefer savoury over sweet, you'll love this flave. 

You're struggling to let go of that daily juice hit
But you're ready to break up with sugar for good. We've got the perfect fix to replace the sugary juice habit with a much healthier addiction, and its name is Mango Passion. With its true to fruit and freakin' fresh flavour, you can tuck into this one at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

You're into the sweeter things in life 
And good news- we've got the sweetest kombucha of them all. The untamed berry goodness that is Wild Berry. It's bursting with an all-natural blend of strawberry, blackberry to create a three-berry bliss. Trust us. You won't even notice there is no sugar in this booch.

You live for summer and tropical fruits
If you wish it were summer all year round, then passionfruit is the flave for you. With a tonne of tang and a perfect balance of sweet and sour, this flave really is summer bottled. Crack open a bottle and get transported right back to your childhood beach holidays (minus the sand in your togs).

You prefer cider over beer 
So you're one of THOSE people. Nah, that's cool. We get it! Sometimes nothing quenches the thirst quite like an ice-cold apple cider. Our Apple Crisp flave is fresh and fruity. Subtly sweet and delightfully dry. It's crisp, and tart apple flavours linger in your mouth well after the drink is finished. A must for any cider lover!

You simply cannot go past an apple crumble or apple pie
There is something about the aroma of sweet apple, layered with hints of caramel, that gets you every damn time. Whilst we can't create the crumble, we did create Pink Lady apple with clean, retrained layers of fresh, ripe apples balanced with the sweetness of caramel and honey to create one seriously tasty bev. It's a new cult-favourite you can smash any time of day- not just for dessert. 

You're into the classics, and soft drink is life 
Or it was life until you met Remedy Kombucha Cola. We know the relationship with soft drinks can be hard to let go of, but this old-school cola flave is everything you were looking for and more, minus the sugar. This deliciously different kombucha is made with vanilla, cinnamon and kola nut to give you that smooth, fizzy hit you crave, plus the added goodness of live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids. 

You eat the cherry Starbursts first
Some people just don't appreciate the complex and delicate flavours of cherry, and it's their loss. If you're a cherry fan, you'll love our Cherry Plum kombucha that is packed with rich Native Australian Kakadu plum and the flavour of a whole punnet of cherries. A true Aussie favourite. 

You believe it's ALWAYS a good time for a Mojito
Lemon, Lime & Mint is the alc-free mojito for when you want to treat yourself to the delicious flavour but don't want the hangover. This citrus circus of all-natural goodness will make your taste buds tingle in the best way possible. It's sweet with the right amount of zing, so you won't even miss the real thing.  

You can be found at the farmer's markets every weekend
Open up a bottle or can of our Remedy Kombucha Peach and you will think you've landed bang in the middle of your local farmer's market stall. It's got the real taste of ripe peach and a brilliant blend of sweet and sour- it's a little taste of summer. It's luscious, fizzy and refreshing. Life is peachier when you're sipping on our Remedy Kombucha Peach flave! 


Still not sure what to get? Try the Remedy rainbow with our Mixed Cases!

How To Survive The Silly Season (With Remedy)

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of year - the silly season - when it's socially acceptable to dig into the choccy before 10 AM (who are we kidding - before 8 AM), drink until you're very um... *merry*, and eat all the extra servings and pavlova your heart desires. 

With all the Christmas cheer at this time of year, it can be challenging to find a healthy balance (diet starts Jan 1st, right!?). Don't stress, though, as we have some tips up our sleeves to help you enjoy the silly season (gosh knows everyone deserves it after the year we've had) guilt-free (not that you should feel any guilt anyway - it's ALL about balance, baby!). 


We're not going to pretend that we're all saints here in the Remedy office. We like to enjoy an alcoholic bevvie or two, but we also like to give our cocktails a boost by offering more than just the norm. Whilst beer, wine and champers are lovely; there is nothing quite like whipping up a delicious drink with Remedy as the mixer. Not only is our booch punching weight with its flavour and ingredient combos, but it's also jam-packed with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants. It's a win-win. 


These seriously are your wellness artillery. Get fully prepared for everything the silly season can throw at you with a mixed case of our mini but mighty Remedy Shots. Eaten far too much pud at Christmas lunch? Down a Digestion, with real ginger, prebiotics and your daily dose of ACV - scientifically proven to ease digestion. Woken up feeling a little rusty after a big night on the sauce? We've been there, but maybe get yourself an Immune+ to give yourself a little boost of Vitamin A, C and B6. Not sure you can drag yourself to yet ANOTHER event? You need an all-natural caffeine hit from green coffee beans and ginseng - which are the ingredients found in our Energy shot. See, we got you! 


It might not seem like it now, but you're probably going to need a breather from all the Aperols and bubbles over the next month. Do future-you a favour, and stock the fridge with your favourite Remedy flaves. They're the perfect drinking buddy to have on hand when you feel like a bit of *something* but don't necessarily want the hangover that goes along with it. If you want more than JUST a booch (we won't get offended), try making a delicious mocktail with your favourite fruits, ice and some fresh lime/lemon juice. 



Christmas is a notorious time of year for children everywhere, being absolutely feral. Not only are they HYPED UP on choccys from their advent calendar and XMAS stockings, but they're also constantly getting their mitts on Christmas biccys, nan's various delicious homemade treats and of course, the devil itself - sugar-filled soft drink - which is floating around at every Christmas event. Never fear though, we're here with a treat those gremlins will LOVE, with conveniently has no sugar, for real. If you're yet to stock up on our Remedy JNR., we encourage you to do so during your next shop, or better yet, order online so you don't have to face the Christmas Crazies. Remedy JNR. will ensure you have the cool parent status at every event and Christmas lunch without your child being the one to break a window. Oh, and you'll also win some serious smug points with your sister-in-law who thinks she's the perfect parent.

The ULTIMATE Remedy Gift Guide - 2021

There are only four weeks until Christmas, fam (YIKES). If you’re one of those people who notoriously leaves gift-buying to the last minute, don’t fret. We got you with our ultimate Remedy gift guide. 

Show cousin Sarah who the REAL family favourite is by bringing a case of our NEW Limited Batch Pavlova or Orange Squeeze flaves. Trust us – if you rock up to Christmas lunch with one of these summer hits, you're guaranteed to be picked first for backyard cricket. 

We made our new Remedy JNR. range with one goal in mind - make parents/aunts/uncles cool again. These lightly fizzy, fun, and freakin' tasty drinks made just for tiny humans will win over even the hardest to impress kids.

If you're stumped on which flavour to get your Remedy-loving mate, why not buy them a Remedy Mixed Case or Remedy Fan Faves case? You can't go wrong. Seriously, you can't. Best of all, you can snag some when you go and visit (win win). 

Know a new mum? Or a mate you need to schedule catchups with three weeks in advance as they're so freakin' busy? We’ve got you covered with the perfect wellness artillery- Remedy Shots! Get them a mix of our Remedy Energy, Remedy Immune+ and Remedy Digestion - they're the shots they won't hate themselves for (we're looking at you, fireball)!

Grab yourself a Remedy Party Pack! With three individual ten packs inside, it's the gift that keeps on giving. That's one for the office Secret Santa, your family's Kris Kringle and your kid’s teacher - score! Better yet, buy two to have some on hand whenever someone 'pops by' with a surprise gift.

They have everything… except for a subscription for our Remedy Drinks. Show off your gift-giving prowess by delighting them with a case of kombucha at their door every month. The best part? It’s totally customisable, and you can cancel it at any time. Say they screen your call ONCE or don't reply to that funny TikTok you sent... CANCELLED. Hope they enjoy water!

Ohh yep, we know the kind. The person that goes for a 10km run on Christmas morning while the rest of us snarf chocolate for breakfast… While we can’t relate, we can recommend the perfect gift for them - Remedy Energy Shots. You may become their fave person when they develop a healthy addiction to these bad boys’ pre-workout. 

Got a pal who already lives and breathes kombucha (we love them already)? Surprise them with a case of Remedy Switchel ACV. The deliciously fizzy drink made with apple cider vinegar is the last straw in the hat they need to be the ULTIMATE Remedy Fan (they’ll love you forever, TRUST US).